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Dallas Custom Critical Delivery: Santa’s Safety Tips

It’s our Dallas Custom Critical Delivery team’s favorite time of the year! We get to save you the hustle and bustle by delivering your time sensitive goods across the state and country. Of course getting your items delivered accurately and quickly is very high on our priority list, our highest priority is doing so safely. The holidays are a wonderful time, but they can also be pretty dangerous. For example, December 23rd is the third deadliest year for driving accidents. Nearly 28,000 automobile injuries are reported during the end of year holidays. Our Out of Town Custom Critical Deliveries Dallas drivers are sure to practice safety skills while driving, as should you, but did you know that sometimes the most dangerous place during the holidays can be right in your own home? Especially for kids and pets. Take a hint from the Jolly Guy himself, and practice Santa’s safety tips to make your home just a little safer this holiday season.