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Dallas Specimen Delivery Driver: HIIT It

Are you sweating it because you don’t have hours to spend busting it in the gym every day? Who does? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Including our Dallas Specimen Delivery Drivers, who are out there day and night making your important medical deliveries. When it comes to staying healthy, our Lab Specimen Delivery Dallas drivers know it doesn’t take hours of your precious time to get a good workout.

Healthcare Delivery Dallas: How to Soothe Stress

Stress really has a way of infiltrating into every part of our lives. Last night I had a dream that I was at the grocery store during rush hour with my two children who were acting like unruly zoo animals (this part is not exclusive to dreams, this is reality), and I found myself in the self-checkout lane with well over the maximum number of items. As I was scanning, I kept finding more and more items in my cart, to include an entire pile of loose baby carrots that had to be scanned one by one. As the line grew longer and more impatient, I kept scanning and apologizing. I woke up with my heart racing in a cold sweat. That’s stress.

Dallas Medical Specimen Courier: Try Something New

Try something new”, he said. “You’ll love it,” he said. I can still hear my father’s words in my mind before he strapped my feet into a plank of death and sent me careening off the side of a mountain. Ok, so we were snowboarding, but it didn’t end well. On my first run of the first day of my first time snowboarding ever, I broke my arm. Sometimes new things are tough to do, but (most of the time) they are actually great for your health.

Medical Courier Company Dallas: How Does It Know?

Our Medical Courier Company Dallas team knows what you need. You need someone to pick up your medical supplies and deliver them right to your front door. That’s what we’re here for. But have you ever noticed that your internet browser tends to know what you need, too.