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Dallas Courier: inFLUencing this season

At Dallas Courier, we want to inFLUence you this season. We want to inFLUence your ability to stay happy, healthy, and flu-free. The flu-free part is what are focusing on today. If you haven't heard, flu season is in high gear. People are dropping like flies. All I ever hear these days is how sick so-and-so is and how he or she can't get out of bed. It scares me. I got pretty darn sick mid-December, and I feared it was the flu. Turns out it was the common cold that just so happened to lay me out like a stuck pig roasting over a fire. If you don't get my metaphor, let me spell it out: I was sick - really, really sick.

Dallas Deliveries: Free Falling - Literally.

His name is Baumgartner, Felix Baumgartner. And yes, he is equal to if not better than James Bond himself. If you don't yet agree with this rather outlandish statement, you just might after you are finished with this post. It is, after all, all about Mr. Baumgartner and his now infamous jump.

Food Courier Services Dallas: Healthy 101

We often blog about food items in honor of our food courier services Dallas. We often blog about being healthy in honor of our medical delivery services Dallas. Today, we are joining the best of both worlds and writing a post about both good food and being healthy. Wondering how we are going to accomplish this? Easy... fabulous tasting food is often some of the simplest foods around. Too often though, we bypass them in search of something to satisfy our overindulgence in salt, sugar and more sugar.

Medical Delivery Services Dallas: Breast Cancer Awareness

Autumn weather is here, and I have an absolutely, positively great way to celebrate the nice weather: awareness.

Awareness  of what, you ask? Great question! Every October, as baseball moves into the fall playoffs, Halloween costumes go up for sale, and the weather cools markedly down, something else is also on the move - something life changing, something life saving. It's breast cancer awareness.

Medical Deliveries Dallas: OSHA 101

If you're one of our loyal blog readers, then you know that we keep up with the industries we serve - and we like to blog about them. We often will blog about things to do on road trips since we are Dallas to Austin deliveries specialists. Then, sometimes you will see a yummy recipe like a summer peach cobbler featured on our blog. What does peach cobbler have to do with deliveries? Well, not much at first glance. But at second glance, we are food deliveries Dallas specialists - yes, that includes refrigerated deliveries Dallas. So, not surprisingly, we are interested in good food. Makes the peach cobbler recipe make a little more sense, eh?

Medical Deliveries Dallas & Sun Safety

No, we aren't medical experts. But we do make medical deliveries Dallas for medical professionals. That makes us closer than the average Joe to the medical community. Whether it's handling daily medical deliveries for a Dallas hospital or weekly deliveries for a DFW lab, we are consistently keeping our eyes and ears peeled for latest medical news. Why? We like to keep up on the industries we serve.

Soapbox: At Dallas Courier, we believe that our couriers are a direct extension of each and every client. So, when we pick up at a hospital and drop off at a local lab, the courier's attitude, professionalism and overall appearance says a lot about the hospital. We want that image saying all good things - which is why we enforce dress codes and attitude codes.