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Dallas Medication Deliveries: Natural Remedies

The end of summer cold is upon my household. I have been chasing the kids around with a box of tissues for a week now. I checked them into the doctor’s office last week, but we left empty handed. We were told that the sickness will run its course in ten days or so. I was kind of bummed, as I wanted to provide my kids with something (anything) to make them feel better, but I had to trust the doc that going the natural route was in their best interest. 

Dallas Medical Courier: Attack of the Killer Allergens!


Ah-chooo! Excuse me. Sniff, sniff. I’m having a hard time seeing the computer through my watery eyes and pile of tissues blocking the screen. It’s allergy season. Not my favorite time of the year, and I think your friendly Dallas Medical Courier would agree, spring is rough for those who suffer from allergies. This spring will be especially rough, though. Turns out all that late winter weather we had is really going to kick allergy season into high gear. Once the trees and flowers start to recover from the late freezes, they will be in a rush to pollenate, working overtime producing spores, ragweed, and pollen. While there’s nothing you can do to prevent nature from creating these allergens, there are some things you can do to ease their effects on your body. Our Dallas Medical Courier is here with some tips on how to keep allergy-free, or at least allergy reduced this season.

Dallas Medical Courier Service: Jumping the Gun

A new year is underway! For our Dallas Medical Courier Service, as Cowboys fans, that means we have a whole year to build up confidence in our team (though it might take much, much longer than that!). For college football fans, it means there are just a few days before the National Championship is played out on the fields of Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Stadium. Another thing to look forward to in this New Year, though, is when those two worlds, college and professional, collide- sometimes a little earlier than expected.

Dallas Healthcare Couriers: A Healthy Start to the School Year

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s already August. That means we are just weeks away from going back to school.  Some of us are probably secretly, or not so secretly, happy that the kids are going back to the structure of the school year. For others, (like all of you teachers out there) back to school means back to work, and they are dreading it just as much as the students are.

Medical Delivery Services Dallas: Allergies Shmallergies

You might be sitting here thinking to yourself… “Self, why does the medical couriers Dallas team care so much about allergies?” Well, it’s simply because we know that allergies can be a real buzz kill, especially at this time of year. They can keep you cooped up all day long, and that's no fun. Being the caring and considerate team that we are, we decided that it might just be a good idea to provide our loyal customers with the low down on this allergy season and what you can do to not only make yourself feel like a new person, but look like one too.

Dallas Medical Couriers: Facing the Allergies

Last Sunday morning we got to spring forward. I personally love the time change, but apparently some people take the loss of an hour pretty hard. For some, it takes about a week to recover from the hour loss. I just do not understand that but, hey some of us require more sleep than others.

Weekend Delivery Services Dallas: Allergies 101

Dallas Courier: Grammy Good, Bad & Ugly

Music's Biggest Night was last night, and I would officially be the most disliked person at our home office if I didn't write about it. Our home office and delivery team loves music. Sure, we all like different varieties, but all music lovers can appreciate music itself, just for being. As for me, I literally listen to it all. On Friday, I was in a Frank Ocean kind of mood. Today, my Pandora station is allowing me to enjoy the always fabulous George Winston. See, Monday is always a piano music kind of day. Friday is always a get ready for the weekend music kind of day. And the days in between usually are up to my mood. It may be oldies, spa music, rap - but you can rest assured that if you walk into this office, there will be music.

Dallas Courier: inFLUencing this season

At Dallas Courier, we want to inFLUence you this season. We want to inFLUence your ability to stay happy, healthy, and flu-free. The flu-free part is what are focusing on today. If you haven't heard, flu season is in high gear. People are dropping like flies. All I ever hear these days is how sick so-and-so is and how he or she can't get out of bed. It scares me. I got pretty darn sick mid-December, and I feared it was the flu. Turns out it was the common cold that just so happened to lay me out like a stuck pig roasting over a fire. If you don't get my metaphor, let me spell it out: I was sick - really, really sick.

Food Courier Services Dallas: Healthy 101

We often blog about food items in honor of our food courier services Dallas. We often blog about being healthy in honor of our medical delivery services Dallas. Today, we are joining the best of both worlds and writing a post about both good food and being healthy. Wondering how we are going to accomplish this? Easy... fabulous tasting food is often some of the simplest foods around. Too often though, we bypass them in search of something to satisfy our overindulgence in salt, sugar and more sugar.