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Medical Deliveries Dallas: Let's work up a sweat!

Medical Lab Couriers: Families in Focus

We know, we know our blogs are simply amazing. And normally have a little bit of humor added into them too. But, coming from our medical lab deliveries Dallas team, we wanted to focus on something a little bit more serious for this blog- family. Especially during a time when so many natural, and not so natural disasters are occurring in our country. We believe that many times the idea of family is strongly taken for granted, especially during the summer season when everyone seems to have their own schedules. But, we urge you. Make the effort to get everyone together at least one night a week for some good old fashioned family fun, or a nice family dinner. Because, at the end of the day, others come and go, but your family will always be there. Sure, we know, you probably had a fight with your sister just last week, but call her up and tell you’re sorry, because you never know what could happen in the blink of an eye.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: American Cars 101

Are you feeling patriotic?

I am. A LOT. I have a baseline of patriotism that I subscribe to year-round. I love America. I love our freedom. I am grateful to those who give their lives to protect those freedoms I enjoy. Their heroism gives me the opportunity to work, go to school, have a family. My patriotism baseline as I call it is pretty high. I know just how good we have it.

At certain times, my patriotism increases - I notice the freedo

Medical Deliveries Dallas: OSHA 101

If you're one of our loyal blog readers, then you know that we keep up with the industries we serve - and we like to blog about them. We often will blog about things to do on road trips since we are Dallas to Austin deliveries specialists. Then, sometimes you will see a yummy recipe like a summer peach cobbler featured on our blog. What does peach cobbler have to do with deliveries? Well, not much at first glance. But at second glance, we are food deliveries Dallas specialists - yes, that includes refrigerated deliveries Dallas. So, not surprisingly, we are interested in good food. Makes the peach cobbler recipe make a little more sense, eh?

Medical Deliveries Dallas & Sun Safety

No, we aren't medical experts. But we do make medical deliveries Dallas for medical professionals. That makes us closer than the average Joe to the medical community. Whether it's handling daily medical deliveries for a Dallas hospital or weekly deliveries for a DFW lab, we are consistently keeping our eyes and ears peeled for latest medical news. Why? We like to keep up on the industries we serve.

Soapbox: At Dallas Courier, we believe that our couriers are a direct extension of each and every client. So, when we pick up at a hospital and drop off at a local lab, the courier's attitude, professionalism and overall appearance says a lot about the hospital. We want that image saying all good things - which is why we enforce dress codes and attitude codes.

Route Deliveries Dallas: Father's Day

Dallas Courier boasts a lot of father's on our team. We have dad's with toddlers, teens, adults and everything in between. We even have quite a few teammembers who have stepped up to the plate and been a father to children (and adults) who either don't have living fathers or who have father's unwilling to invest in their lives.

Medical Deliveries Dallas: Summer Safety

Summer. That six letter word packs quite a punch - sunny days, lakeside fun, grilling, pooltime, sunscreen, barbecues, waterslides, boating, sand volleyball, sunglasses, tans, root beer floats, ice cream, flip flops, slip 'n slides, water balloons...summer.

Medical Deliveries Dallas: Social Media is on the Brain

Ever heard the phrase, "well, it ain't brain surgery." ? Well, this week actually was brain surgery - live via Twitter and Facebook. Social media just jumped to a whole new level.

Courier Services Dallas: Planes, Trains and Flying Automobiles?

Remember the days of hand-operated car windows? Remember the days of tape players? Remember the days of turning a key to start your car? Remember the days of regular, old fashioned radio (before the advent of XM & Sirius)? Remember the days of touch-screenless cars? Remember the days when you you turned around to check your blindspots (now cars beep at you if an object is in your blindspot)? Remember parallel parking without computer assistance? Remember reversing without a back-up camera? Remember the days of not having a cell phone in your car? Remember the days of Mapscos, not GPS units? Remember the days of cars that didn't fly?

Medical Records Deliveries Dallas

The medical industry. Those three little words encompasses an entire world of work – nurses, doctors, technicians, pharmacists, ombudsmen, hospice caretakers, surgeons, phlebotomists, hospital staff (payroll, sanitation, cooks), neurologists, dieticians, medical assistants, physical & speech therapists – you get the idea here. There are so many job descriptions within the medical industry. And guess what? We serve almost all of them!