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Scheduled Deliveries Dallas: Olympics 101

It only happens once every four years. It is the accumulation of lifetimes of determination, persistance and passion. It is a time when the world comes together. It is about being the best in something. It is about standing on the podium with a gold medal around your neck, your country's anthem playing loudly. It is rare, special, inspiring.

Consequently, it is the time of year that Dallas Courier's blog suddenly becomes single-minded: The Olympics. If you're not an Olympic fan, I apologize because starting July 27, you are likely to be inundated with all things London 2012.

Medical Deliveries Dallas: Summer Safety

Summer. That six letter word packs quite a punch - sunny days, lakeside fun, grilling, pooltime, sunscreen, barbecues, waterslides, boating, sand volleyball, sunglasses, tans, root beer floats, ice cream, flip flops, slip 'n slides, water balloons...summer.

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