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Dallas One Hour Delivery: Signs You’re Not Sleeping Enough

One hour…one hour…what could I do with one hour? Well, I could call Dallas Courier and have their Dallas One Hour Delivery service transport those important documents I left at the office. Or, I could head to the gym and get in my one hour of exercise that just might make up for the entire package of chocolate covered Girl Scout cookies I ate late night. Or, I could attempt to squeeze in a nap, because thanks to Daylight Saving time, I am exhausted! Come to think of it, perhaps I ate all those cookies and forgot that paperwork because I’m exhausted.

Dallas Hot Shot Delivery Service: Kris Kringle Clean Up

You’ve heard of the night before Christmas. You know what happens on Christmas Day. But what about after the festivities are over? If your home looks anything like mine, it resembles the aftershock of a bomb that exploded inside a wrapping paper factory. Pine needles are spread across every inch of the house, some even making their way inside my clean socks. And if you have to chew one more sugar cookie with icing you might Ralph red and green all over the carpet. Yes, nothing puts a “Bah Humbug” on your Christmas celebration like your Christmas clean up. We all have to go through it, though. Hey, even Santa has to get down and dirty after the holidays. Can you imagine what that toy workshop looks like after all that last minute creating?!

Dallas Same Day Delivery: Black Friday Bust

If you’re reading this Dallas Same Day Delivery blog, then congratulations! You’ve survived Black Friday. Since the early 2000s, Black Friday has been a shopping phenomenon for the United States. Since 2003, it has been the single biggest shopping day of the year. There are quite a few reasons for this. First of all, it is a day when most of us have off from work. We stuffed ourselves silly on Thursday, and many employers are generous enough let employees take the day off (or they are too full to enforce attendance). It is also the unofficial start to Christmas. If you’re like me, you’ve been rocking Bing Crosby for at least three weeks, but for the rest of our On Demand Deliveries Dallas folks, Black Friday means the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas.

Dallas One Hour Delivery: Honoring Veterans

Veterans Day comes around just once a year. It’s a day when we honor our men and women, who served our military, both past and present. Veteran’s Day was created by President Woodrow Wilson back in 1919 to commemorate the end of WWI and to honor all those who dedicated their lives to serving our country. Keeping with tradition, this year on Tuesday, November 11th, our country will pay homage to our military members- which is great! Our Dallas On Demand Deliveries team loves and appreciates our men and women in uniform as much as the next red-blooded American. But we think it’s important to honor our veterans every day, not just once a year. That’s why our Dallas One Hour Delivery team has come up with five ways to continue to honor our military members when Veteran’s Day is over.

One Hour Delivery Dallas: Fun Facts about Fall Back

For all you One Hour Delivery Dallas who are without small kids, the end of Daylight Saving Time is an event to rejoice. You get to “fall back”, and take that clock back an hour. This means, if you normally wake at 6 AM for work, it will now feel like 7 AM when that alarm rings. You get a whole extra hour to sleep!

Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: Hispanic Heritage Month- Louis Alvarez

This month, our Same Day Delivery Dallas blogs have been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting some important Latinos in American history. These history hot shots have left a lasting legacy on our country through space exploration, research, legislative work, charitable actions and, as in today’s history hot shot, scientific discoveries. This week’s Hot Shot Delivery Dallas history hot shot is physicist Louis Alvarez.

Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: Hispanic Heritage Month- Cesar Chavez

One of the greatest things about living in America is the melting pot of cultures that exists here in the Land of the Free. This week, we begin a celebration in honor of a special group of Americans who are pertinent to our nation’s past. September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. As part of a month-long celebration starting September 15th and ending October 15th, the Hot Shot Delivery Dallas team would like to highlight a few real hot shots of American history.

Dallas Tire Couriers: Make It A Better Morning

Perhaps you’re like our Dallas Tire Couriers, and you’re a total morning person. You’re one who greet the day with a smile as you skip merrily out your door, eager to begin your morning. That’s great! Or, maybe you’re on the other side of that coin. You don’t quite function before 10 AM, and even then, only after three cups of coffee. Instead of smiling, you’re grunting, and instead of skipping, you’re shuffling. If that’s you’re style, well, that’s ok too. The thing is, even if you’re not a morning person, there are still some ways you can make your morning just a bit better. It might make you more pleasant to your family and coworkers, and, who knows, it just might make you more productive! Who better to help you make it a better morning than the cheery Dallas Tire Delivery service? Here are seven ways for a better start to your day.

Hot Shot Courier Dallas: Technology Rules

Go ahead. Read the title of this Hot Shot Courier Dallas blog.

Same Day Deliveries Dallas: Spring Musts

Is Texas playing tricks on me or is spring lasting way longer than it is supposed to? Texas has two seasons: hot and not as hot. After winter ends, we usually jump right back into the 100 plus degree temperatures. We don't often get the chance to relish cool, springtime weather.