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Same Day Deliveries Dallas: Spring Musts

Is Texas playing tricks on me or is spring lasting way longer than it is supposed to? Texas has two seasons: hot and not as hot. After winter ends, we usually jump right back into the 100 plus degree temperatures. We don't often get the chance to relish cool, springtime weather.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: A Super Recap

34 - 31.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: Woof Woof!

Man's best friend.

Dallas Courier: A Golden Night

Around this time every year, I start regretting not seeing more movies. And then I remember that going to the movies is at least 30 bucks for just my husband and me! For some, you may be able to get away with only spending about $22, but I HAVE to have popcorn and a coke. So a night at the movies is a fancy treat at our house. But awards season always makes me wish every night was a movie night.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: Black Friday 101

It's the day before Thanksgiving. And you know what that means? It's two days before Black Friday! That's right, the biggest shopping day of the year. Like, by far the biggest. Any of my loyal blog readers planning on hitting it up? For some people, Black Friday shopping is family tradition. The holiday weekend goes about like this: wake up early on Thursday to cook the feast, cook all morning, eat around 2 p.m., watch a little football, fall asleep on the couch thanks to the tryptophan found in turkey (an amino acid that makes us humans tired, tired, tired), wake up and eat a snack of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and cream corn, plan for the Black Friday extravaganza, rest a little, and then.... SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!

Courier Services Dallas: Thankful List


It's a word I have been reflecting on for the past week or so. Thankfulness is as thankfulness does. And tomorrow is the day we express our thankful hearts.

A thankful person is a joy to be around, wouldn't you say? A thankful person is kind, thoughtful and pleasant. Thankfulness is also contagious. You ever notice that phenomenon? If one person says thank you, it can spread through room like a wild fire (and I mean that in the best sense!). So, our couriers DFW are going to start a thankfulness wildfire right here on our blog. So hold onto your hats because here is our big fat list of things we are thankful for:

24 Hour Courier Services Dallas: What Springs Forward Must Fall Back

What goes up must come down. Thank you Einstein for forever making me feel like a fool. Should the world have been left up to my personal genius, we would probably all still be staring a stone hoping it would turn into a wheel. Luckily, there were men like Isaac Newton who described gravity and the three laws of motion. At some point in my earlier life, I knew the three laws by memory. I just read them over again, and they sound like gibberish. Oh the beauties of age. In any case, Newton began the case for what goes up, must come down. Eistein brought it home with his theory of relativity and whatnot (another source of gibberish for my highly unscientific mind).

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: Soaking Up Fall

Does the world feel a little different today? Well, it should. Over the weekend, something very important happened... autumn arrived!

That's right. Fall is officially here. While it may not feel much like fall yet, what with our 93 degree high today, it is here nonetheless. And as the days and weeks roll on, you can bet that the feeling of fall is going to only continue increasing. A few weeks back, the weather outside was seriously screaming fall. So we couldn't help blogging about what to do in the beautiful fall temperatures. If you missed our tips, be sure to read them here

Dallas Courier Services: Being Like Phelps

He has a commanding presence the moment he hits the water. His body seems to almost hover just above his competitors. At times it seems effortless, the others swimming behind in his wake. His butterfly will silence just about anyone watching. And as we have heard him say multiple times in the 2012 Olympic Games: he let's his swimming for the talking.