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S is for Spring and Sameday Deliveries Dallas

Yesterday, my husband and I were sitting on our couch, the back door wide open, allowing the breeze to blow inside. It was truly the perfect weather. And on top of the perfect weather, we listened to the birds chirp outside, and let me say, it was just amazing. There is nothing quite like a bird singing outside. It makes me feel peaceful.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: Johnny Football

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Did you get enough turkey? I certainly hope so. I had plenty of turkey - too much, in fact. I had three Thanksgivings and a Christmas dinner last week. That is a lot of turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls!

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of great times with family, friends, food and football. That's right, it wouldn't be turkey day without football. After my Thanksgiving, my family all gathered in the game room to watch a whole lot of football. And if you were watching, you know that Saturday was chalk-full of some great games.