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Dallas Distant Delivery: Workout Myths Exposed

Sure, our Dallas Distant Delivery drivers are on the road seven days a week taking your time sensitive deliveries across the metroplex and the state of Texas, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take a little time for themselves every once in a while. Yes, our Dallas Critical Distant Delivery drivers are quite into fitness when they aren’t saving the day making your out of town deliveries. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to exercise, though. Thankfully, our knowledgeable Dallas Out of Town Deliveries team is here to bust those myths and give you the real scoop about your exercise routine.

Dallas Critical Distant Delivery: World Cup for Dummies

I grew up in a house that played, watched, and adored soccer. Now, I know here in the United States, we haven’t really caught on to the world’s most loved sport. We like our hockey, our football, and our good old American baseball. Maybe you’re still in the throws of the college baseball world series. Or maybe, like many of our Dallas Critical Distant Delivery employees, you’re recovering from the NBA finals. No matter what your excuse is, no matter how much you’ve ignored it, the World Cup is here, and you better get your soccer game face on.

Custom Critical Delivery Dallas: Seven Score and Ten Years Ago

This week marks a major event in the history of our country. It’s the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. For some of you Civil War buffs, and there are a few on our Custom Critical Delivery Dallas team, this is like Christmas. But you don’t have to be a history geek enthusiast to remember the famous speech given November 19, 1863 by our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.

Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: Whose Line Is it?…Nobody’s!

The employees at Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries consider themselves movie buffs. They enjoy a nice cinematic break from reality just like the rest of us. Well, like the rest of you…the last movie I saw came out on DVD two months ago. But even those with a challenged social life, like myself, have seen enough movies to remember a few of the greatest lines in movie history, right? Wrong! Turns out many of those lines we quote over and over were actually never said. Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries is going to count down the most misquoted movie lines, and set the record straight on what was really said.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: Johnny Football

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Did you get enough turkey? I certainly hope so. I had plenty of turkey - too much, in fact. I had three Thanksgivings and a Christmas dinner last week. That is a lot of turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls!

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of great times with family, friends, food and football. That's right, it wouldn't be turkey day without football. After my Thanksgiving, my family all gathered in the game room to watch a whole lot of football. And if you were watching, you know that Saturday was chalk-full of some great games.

Dallas to Austin Couriers: An Impressive 3 Million Miles

Downtown Dallas is approximately 200 miles from Downtown Austin. Therefore, a round trip is approximately 400 miles.

Now, knowing that rough calculation, what would you say if I told you the following: "I've driven to Austin and back to Dallas 7,500 times... IN THE SAME CAR."

What happens if I take that number, 7,500, and put it into miles. If you traveled from Dallas to Austin and back 7,500 times, you would have traveled 3,000,000 miles. Yes, you read that correctly: three million miles. That's a lot of ground to cover. Now remember, I said that the three million miles were all completed in the same car.

Dallas Courier: Tornado Re-Cap

On Tuesday of last week, I was in an absolute panic. I imagine many of you were, too. I can speak for our Dallas deliveries team and say it was downright scary. During those touch and go moments, we just didn’t know where or if tornadoes were going to touch down.