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Dallas Custom Critical Delivery Service: National Baby Safety Month

Here at Dallas Courier, our Dallas Custom Critical Delivery Service employees are so grateful it’s finally September. That means fall is just around the corner. No more of these too-long hot and humid days, the coolness and crispness of autumn is almost here! Another great thing about September, besides the impending cooler weather, is that this month is devoted to keeping the little ones in our lives safe. That’s because September is National Baby Safety Month, which is put on every year by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Many of our Dallas Critical Long Distance Delivery Service employees are parents, as are many of our readers. We know that parenting is a full time job, every month, not just in September, but in honor of National Baby Safety Month, we’ve decided to highlight some of the biggest safety zones throughout the house and give you tips on making them safe for baby.

Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: For The Birds

Last week, I was entrusted with the very important job of watching a friend from the Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries team’s dogs while they were out of town. To him, I must seem competent enough, seeing as I have managed to keep my children and myself alive for nearly one entire year. The truth is, for me keeping things alive, including kids, is a lot harder than you think. Just ask the children’s ER nearest to my house. Or, perhaps, the fire station a few blocks over. Or even my neighbors.  Long story short, my competency was overestimated by this friend, but thankfully everything turned out ok. In fact, I must have done a bang up job because not only did I keep the dogs well and happy, but my Dallas Drive Out Deliveries friend came home to not just two animals in his house, but six.

Dallas Long Distance Courier: Spring Break Hot Spots

Your driveway may be covered in ice still, but for many next week is the start of spring break. Can you believe it? Our Dallas Long Distance Courier team is ready for a little time away, as many of you are. Spring break is the perfect time to enjoy a quick escape from the real world, and not just for college students. Where are the best places to go to relax? The well-traveled Dallas Long Distance Courier employees are here with the top ten spring break destinations for adults and their families.

Distant Delivery Dallas: Viva Italia!

Some good military friends of ours recently hit the jackpot with their reassignment orders and are settling into their new home in Aviano, Italy. This is quite a long ways from their previous station in Phoenix, Arizona. Dallas Courier’s Distant Delivery Dallas drivers are used to transporting goods long distances for their customers.  We’ve got you covered across the state of Texas, and beyond. While Italy might be a bit further than you’d like your custom goods to go, in honor of distant lands like those traveled by our Distant Delivery Dallas team, we’d like to bring a little bit of Italy to this Dallas courier blog by mentioning the top 5 things to do if you ever get the opportunity to travel Italy, and I hope you do!