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Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service: Oh Geez, Christmas Tree!

I sure do love Christmastime. I love the music that plays on the radio while our Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service makes their rounds. I love a nice cup of cocoa in front of a warm fire. I love the beauty of fresh-fallen snow (even if it melts twelve seconds later). I even love wrapping gifts. But this year, with two small children, what I do not love is the Christmas tree. In fact, I really, really, really, do not like the Christmas tree. I can’t keep my two year old away from it. My dogs are certain there’s a squirrel living in it. And since it came into our house, my infant has not stopped sneezing. While the happy elves of our Dallas Pharmacy Courier Service do love the idea of a Christmas tree, they, too, know that this symbol of the holiday season can be quite a dangerous addition to our homes. But before you go calling them Grinches, they’re here to share some tips on how to keep your family safe when that decorated intruder sets up camp for a month.

Specialty Pharmacy Deliveries Dallas: The Remedy

My great-grandpa Gores had a beautiful garden. It was an acre of property in Southern California that to most would look like an overgrown yard, but to my siblings and me as children it was a magical forest. It was unfenced and wrapped around his whole estate. I can remember walking around his house, from the front to the back, over and over again in a continuous loop looking for lizards, picking flowers, and climbing trees.