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Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company: Organic Foods

The other day I had the displeasure of being behind a very angry woman in line at the grocery store. She was furious that the store had run out of organic milk. I had just been to the milk section. There was a lot going on there. It certainly didn’t look like a pre-apocalyptic shortage (i.e. the “icepocalypse” of winter 2013). Could there really be that big of a difference between organic and regular milk that you’d nearly start a fisttocuffs in line at the grocery store? I just wasn’t sure. Maybe this lady was on to something. So I decided to enlist the help of the food experts at our Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company to find out the scoop on organic foods.

Dallas Food Logistics: Fresh Versus Frozen

You’re headed to the grocery store, and, if you’re like me, you have quite a few items on your list. Among them are “green beans” and “peas”. Where do you head? The produce aisle? Or the freezer section? Does it matter? 

Food Testing Lab Delivery Dallas: Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety

The holidays are coming, and I can smell them already! The sage and butter in mom’s homemade stuffing. The cinnamon and spice of a cooling pumpkin pie. And, of course, the smell of the turkey roasting to perfection.

Dallas Food Logistics: Beer for Beginners

It’s October, and that means Oktoberfests will be popping up all around North Texas, the home of our Dallas Food Logistics team. In Germany, where Oktoberfest originated, this month is a huge deal. Each town has their own festival (sometimes more than one!), and the Germans make their way from village to village tasting and celebrating German unification, which, by the way, is this Friday. There are tons to do at Oktoberfest, whether you’re celebrating the real thing in Europe, or enjoying a festival back in The States. Of course, the most important part of Oktoberfest, especially if you’re German, is the beer.

Dallas Food Logistics: The Five Senses of Summer

When does summer end? The answer to that question is different depending on who you ask. Ask kids, and they will tell you it ends when they go back to school. Ask the Internet, and it will tell you at the Autumn Equinox, which this year occurs on September 22nd. Ask a year-round working adult, and they will say, “Summer? What summer?” Ask a Texan, like our Dallas Food Logistics employees, and they will tell you that summer ends when they can finally turn off their A/C.

Refrigerated Logistics Dallas: Ten Things You Should Grill This Summer

Close your eyes and picture it with me: the sizzle in your ears; the smell of charcoal burning slowly; the taste of a juicy burger on your tongue.  Are you ready for it? Grilling season is back! Of course, many on our Refrigerated Logistics Dallas team would say that it never left, but the Memorial Day weekend officially kicked off the unofficial start to summer and the grill. While our Refrigerated Logistics Dallas drivers love a burger as much as the next guy, ground beef is not the be-all-end-all of the barbeque. There are plenty of other ways to rock your taste buds while entertaining grill-side. Here are a few of the Refrigerated Logistics Dallas team’s favorites:

Refrigerated Logistics Dallas: Kitchen Nightmare

My Refrigerated Logistics Dallas friends tell me I have a slight obsession when it comes to disinfecting. I’ll admit it; they’re correct. Sure, you may find toys strewn about, and piles of (clean) clothes here and there. But when you get down to brass tacks, my house is pretty well disinfected. Bleach spray is my friend. So you can imagine my horror when I opened the refrigerator on Easter Sunday to find the chicken breasts I had defrosting had leaked salmonella-laden germ juice all over the bottom three shelves. I had to shut the door and walk away for a few minutes to collect myself before gathering the necessary tools for Mission: Disinfect, including latex gloves, a roll of paper towels, and antibacterial spray. I may never think of my fridge the same way.

Dallas Food Deliveries: Super Bowl Eats

The Super Bowl is just days away. While some of you might be prepping your Peyton Manning jersey or fluffing up your Seahawks foam finger, I will be making (and eating) my favorite football treats. With only one weekend left in the football season, now is the time to pull out all the stops. Ask anyone at Dallas Food Deliveries, and they would tell you that the Super Bowl eating is just as important as the Super Bowl watching. Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving Day in the biggest day for food consumption in the United States. And with the weather outside a little…frightful…you better stock up one some great eats while you can! Here are the top ten Super Bowl eats according to the folks of Dallas Food Deliveries.

Food Deliveries Dallas: Crawfish!

It's springtime, and springtime at my house is synonymous with one thing: crawfish! The moment the weather warms up, we know it's time for a crawfish boil. Crawfish boils are an important part of living in the south, so if you are in Dallas and haven't been to one, make it a priority this year. Texans should know how to crawfish boil.

Dallas Food Couriers’ Super Bowl Faves

This time last year, Dallas was covered in a thick sheet of ice. We were hosting the Super Bowl, and the weather couldn’t have been more insane. Who knew Dallas of all places would threaten the fun!?