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Dallas Food Deliveries: Harnessing the Power of Halloween Candy

If you ask our Dallas Food Deliveries team, Halloween is the official start to the eating holiday season. While you all are hustling and bustling prepping your Thanksgiving Turkey and getting a jump on your Christmas shopping, our Dallas Food Logistics drivers are transporting your holiday favorites throughout the metroplex and the great state of Texas. After this week, holiday eating celebrating is officially on!

Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company: History of the Microwave

You never know how much you need something until it’s gone. I’m not getting all sappy on you, Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company blog readers. I’m sure you’re envisioning a loved one, pet, or sentimental item, but I’m talking about a microwave.

Recently, my family made a big move that rendered us microwave-less. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you understand what a luxury it is to nuke items in under thirty seconds. The alternative is to turn on an oven, heating the entire house and wasting electricity, or turn on a stove, which takes forever to heat up, and then burns your food before you get a chance to remove it. What are you to do with all of your Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Couriers deliveries of fresh, delicious foods that are meant to be enjoyed hot?