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Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company: History of the Microwave

You never know how much you need something until it’s gone. I’m not getting all sappy on you, Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Company blog readers. I’m sure you’re envisioning a loved one, pet, or sentimental item, but I’m talking about a microwave.

Recently, my family made a big move that rendered us microwave-less. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you understand what a luxury it is to nuke items in under thirty seconds. The alternative is to turn on an oven, heating the entire house and wasting electricity, or turn on a stove, which takes forever to heat up, and then burns your food before you get a chance to remove it. What are you to do with all of your Dallas Refrigerated Logistics Couriers deliveries of fresh, delicious foods that are meant to be enjoyed hot?

Refrigerated Logistics Dallas: Ten Things You Should Grill This Summer

Close your eyes and picture it with me: the sizzle in your ears; the smell of charcoal burning slowly; the taste of a juicy burger on your tongue.  Are you ready for it? Grilling season is back! Of course, many on our Refrigerated Logistics Dallas team would say that it never left, but the Memorial Day weekend officially kicked off the unofficial start to summer and the grill. While our Refrigerated Logistics Dallas drivers love a burger as much as the next guy, ground beef is not the be-all-end-all of the barbeque. There are plenty of other ways to rock your taste buds while entertaining grill-side. Here are a few of the Refrigerated Logistics Dallas team’s favorites:

Refrigerated Logistics Dallas: Kitchen Nightmare

My Refrigerated Logistics Dallas friends tell me I have a slight obsession when it comes to disinfecting. I’ll admit it; they’re correct. Sure, you may find toys strewn about, and piles of (clean) clothes here and there. But when you get down to brass tacks, my house is pretty well disinfected. Bleach spray is my friend. So you can imagine my horror when I opened the refrigerator on Easter Sunday to find the chicken breasts I had defrosting had leaked salmonella-laden germ juice all over the bottom three shelves. I had to shut the door and walk away for a few minutes to collect myself before gathering the necessary tools for Mission: Disinfect, including latex gloves, a roll of paper towels, and antibacterial spray. I may never think of my fridge the same way.

Refrigerated Logistics Dallas: (Diet) Death By Salad Bar

According to a study done by Boston Medical Center, approximately 45 million Americans say they are on a diet each year. That’s about 20% of our population at any given time. We all know that the most important part about staying on a diet is finding healthy food choices, whether you are dining at home or dining out. Our Refrigerated Logistics Dallas drivers transport a lot of fresh, healthy food options. Many of these products are items found in your everyday salad bar. Most dieters think a salad is the best option when it comes to limiting calories and boosting nutrition. This can be the case. But the salad bar is also home to a lot of hidden fat and calories that are disguised as nutritious choices. Dallas Courier’s Refrigerated Logistics Dallas team wants you to be informed and make the best decisions for your healthy lifestyle, so we’ve outlined some of the salad bar “do’s” and “don’ts” to keep you on track in your healthy eating habits.