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Dallas Refrigerated Logistics: 6 Foods (Surprising) Health Benefits

It’s our Dallas Refrigerated Logistics team’s job to bring the freshest, tastiest foods to and from locations throughout the metroplex with speed and accuracy. We sure do love that job! He also feels it’s our job to share great news about these foods with our customers. There are five foods in particular that we did a little research on and found that they have some surprising health benefits. Check it out:

DC is for Dallas Couriers, HC is for Healthy Couriers.

I know the weather doesn’t remind us of this very often, but fall is literally around the corner! Whenever the seasons change, I think it’s a good time to stop and think about my personal health. The seasons can just be a reminder to look at how healthy you were in the past season. For example, with fall coming, I’ll be taking a look back at summer. And can I be honest, it wasn’t my most healthy summer. I got bogged down in my to-do list and found myself forgetting to practice self care. That’s never a good thing.