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Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers: Dorothy Irene Height

Ladies, March is a pretty special month for you. It’s Women’s History Month. That means all month long (and pretty much month day before and after March) our Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers get to celebrate women and all they have done for our nation. While there are countless women who have influenced and continue to influence America, today the Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers have chosen to honor one special lady who would have been 102 today- Dorothy Height.

Scheduled Route Couriers Dallas: Miracle On Ice, Revisited

The Olympics are in high swing, and arguably the best part about the Winter Games is hockey. At least, that is, if you ask our Scheduled Route Couriers Dallas team. This past weekend marked a repeat of a historic game between the United States and Russia. While many of the players from both teams wear the same uniform during the NHL season, the Olympics bring out a sort of competitive spirit that has been fostered for decades. The root of the rivalry began in Lake Placid, New York in 1980.

Couriers Dallas: Prep Time for Turkey Day

Thanksgiving day is literally right around the corner - as in Thursday. If you have not started the planning process, you might want to jump on that - NOW!

Waiting until the last minute to plan for Thanksgiving can be very dangerous. One year, I played the waiting game and on Wednesday night I was rushing from store to store trying to find canned pumpkin and cream cheese. That's right, items go out of stock the night before Thanksgiving, and once they are gone, they are gone. That evening, I had to treck to four stores to find the ingredients I needed. A lot of heartache and anxiety later, I finally found what I needed. As a note, I was making 3 cheesecakes. That is a lot of cream cheese.

Scheduled Deliveries Dallas: Olympics 101

It only happens once every four years. It is the accumulation of lifetimes of determination, persistance and passion. It is a time when the world comes together. It is about being the best in something. It is about standing on the podium with a gold medal around your neck, your country's anthem playing loudly. It is rare, special, inspiring.

Consequently, it is the time of year that Dallas Courier's blog suddenly becomes single-minded: The Olympics. If you're not an Olympic fan, I apologize because starting July 27, you are likely to be inundated with all things London 2012.

Scheduled Deliveries Dallas: How It's Made

What does your to-do list look like today? Let me guess... wake up after hitting snooze one too many times; get coffee into system ASAP; try on three outfits before choosing one; get in the car and realize you need gas; rush to the gas station and get just enough to make it to work; arrive to work and check voicemails; answer as many emails as possible; work furiously; look up at the clock and realize you worked through lunch; panic when you notice that daily drop off to your client is due in 2 hours; work furiously again; get in car to make the delivery yourself since you haven't called any courier companies in Dallas; drive fast; get pulled over; get a ticket you won't be reimbursed for; finally make it to the client's office (15 minutes late); make drop-off; get stuck making small talk for 22 minutes; get back in your car and realize it's almost 5:00 and there's no point in heading back to the office.

Scheduled Deliveries Dallas Team: Grammy Goodness

The Grammy’s. A night to celebrate music, fashion, talent and lack thereof. The red carpet glistened with the classy, timeless, gorgeous looks of Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Adele and Jennifer Hudson. It frightened us a bit with the overdone, crazed, attention-craving looks of Fergie, Gaga, and Nicki Minaj.

Tennis, Deliveries Dallas, and Gluten

Yes, I know… I’ve written a lot about sports recently. But if you haven’t noticed, sports are in the air. From the Olympics to the Mavs to the Australian Open, sports have ruled the month of January (and consequently Dallas Courier’s blog).

Couriers Dallas: Mavs Shout-out

Olympic Games & Dallas Courier

The Olympic Games. Every two years, the world watches as the greatest from around the globe compete in either summer or winter games. They train, they travel, they play to win.

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