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Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers: Toddlers and TV

Kids are pretty amazing, aren’t they? They’re like little sponges, soaking up everything that’s around them. Sometimes, it’s a great thing. Like when they learn to brush their hair or put on their own shoes. They learned that from watching you. Other times, they soak up a little too much. For example, yesterday, I caught my son yelling, “Go Ha-yee (Harley, our overgrown Chocolate Lab/horse)! Go away! Not food!” Apparently, I’ve been yelling at our dog to get away from the table while we’re eating, since he has a habit of reaching right up there and helping himself. The Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers reminded me that kids are incredibly impressionable, and they learn by watching and listening to everything that’s going on around them. This includes the television.

Dallas Route Couriers: Lone Survivor

It’s awards season, and you know what that means…it means the Dallas Route Couriers and myself are scrambling trying to watch every movie nominated so we have some understanding when the awards shows come our way. One movie has a lot of the Dallas Route Couriers talking, though. It’s the film adaptation of the book Lone Survivor.