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Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: Hispanic Heritage Month- Louis Alvarez

This month, our Same Day Delivery Dallas blogs have been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting some important Latinos in American history. These history hot shots have left a lasting legacy on our country through space exploration, research, legislative work, charitable actions and, as in today’s history hot shot, scientific discoveries. This week’s Hot Shot Delivery Dallas history hot shot is physicist Louis Alvarez.

Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: Hispanic Heritage Month- Cesar Chavez

One of the greatest things about living in America is the melting pot of cultures that exists here in the Land of the Free. This week, we begin a celebration in honor of a special group of Americans who are pertinent to our nation’s past. September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. As part of a month-long celebration starting September 15th and ending October 15th, the Hot Shot Delivery Dallas team would like to highlight a few real hot shots of American history.

Dallas Four Hour Couriers: A Star Spangled Story

In just a few short days, our Dallas Four Hour Couriers and the rest of the country will celebrate our nation’s 238th year of independence. What an awesome day this 4th of July will be! Many of us plan on commemorating the day with a barbeque, party, or parade. No matter how you celebrate, chances are, at some point this weekend, you’ll hear our country’s national anthem. It’s a symbol of our freedom, a statement of our patriotism, and a tune that means a great deal to every American. But how did it come about? What made the author of this song so inspired to pen the words and music behind it? The history buffs of our Dallas Four Hour Couriers team have the answers.