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Dallas Hot Shot Delivery: Holy 75th Birthday, Batman!

Pow! Smash! Bang! Batman and his many sidekicks have been entertainment icons for decades. It’s a good thing Batman doesn’t age, because by now, he’d be beating up baddies with a walker and trading in the Batmobile for a more generationally appropriate Bat-Buick. Wednesday marks the 75th anniversary of the masked vigilante. Batman was introduced in 1939, which makes him 75 years old this year. July 23rd isn't exactly Batman's birthday, though. Instead, Warner Bros decided to give the Dark Knight a birthday that coincided with the first day of Comic-Con. At this moment, our Dallas Hot Shot Delivery blog readers are thinking one of two things: What's Comic-Con? or I can't wait for Comic-Con! For those in the former category, Comic-Con is a comic book convention held in San Diego each year. The festival's website states that it is an educational experience aimed at creating an awareness of and appreciation of comic books. In short, it's a place where nerds unite. No offense. Those of us who aren't quite Comic-Con level Batman fanatics might be interested to know some background information on the Bat.