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Dallas Hot Shot Delivery Service: Kris Kringle Clean Up

You’ve heard of the night before Christmas. You know what happens on Christmas Day. But what about after the festivities are over? If your home looks anything like mine, it resembles the aftershock of a bomb that exploded inside a wrapping paper factory. Pine needles are spread across every inch of the house, some even making their way inside my clean socks. And if you have to chew one more sugar cookie with icing you might Ralph red and green all over the carpet. Yes, nothing puts a “Bah Humbug” on your Christmas celebration like your Christmas clean up. We all have to go through it, though. Hey, even Santa has to get down and dirty after the holidays. Can you imagine what that toy workshop looks like after all that last minute creating?!

Dallas Hot Shot Couriers: Flying With Children

I am about to embark on a journey where no man as gone before. Women…maybe…but only those strong enough, or crazy enough, or a little of both. You see, in about three weeks, I am going to attempt to fly halfway across the world with my two small children by myself. Believe me. This is not my first choice. Or my second, or even a close 40th. In fact, this is my last choice in terms of travel. It’s hard enough taking my two kids to the grocery store, much less to Europe. I tried to pay someone else to do this, but the Dallas Hot Shot Couriers don’t count kids as “time sensitive goods” (I asked.), so the only option I had was to do it myself.

Dallas Four Hour Deliveries: Back to School

“Back to school. Back to school. To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.”

Wise words sung by Adam Sandler in the classic Billy Madison, one of the favorites of our Dallas Four Hour Deliveries team. The start of the school year is still over a month away, but preparations are already in place. Just today, I was doing some afternoon grocery shopping, and had to dodge the aisles full of school supplies, lunch boxes, and backpack displays. It seems like every year, back-to-school season starts a little earlier. Everyone wants to be prepared, I guess. I can appreciate that. At Dallas Courier, our Dallas 4 Hour couriers know about preparation. That’s how we stay on top of our game as the Metroplex’s go-to transportation logistics company. Whether you’re itching to get the kiddos back to school, or just prepping extra early this year, the Dallas Four Hour Deliveries team has provided a check list to help you get back to school with all the necessary items.