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Dallas Hot Shot Courier Service: For Those Who Blew it on Valentine’s Day

Save it. I've heard every excuse in the book. "I forgot it was Valentine's Day." "I thought Valentine's Day was next week!" "I thought you didn't like flowers." I realize not everyone is as reliable as our Dallas Hot Shot Courier Service, but don't be that guy who forgot Valentine's Day ever again. It is and will always be on February 14th! In an effort to help you not ever be in the Valentine's Day dog house again, here are some tips for next year from your Dallas On Demand Courier Service is here to help. Saving the day, once again.

Dallas Hot Shot Courier: Jolly Old Saint Nick

We see him everywhere this time of year (and I swear he goes to my gym in the off season). He’s on billboards, coffee mugs, and perched on a giant throne at he mall. He’s a jolly fellow who delivers presents into the wee hours of Christmas morning. Much like our Dallas Hot Shot Courier drivers, except I promise our Dallas Hot Shot Courier drivers won’t break in through your chimney. He’s incredibly recognizable, but how much do we really know about Saint Nick? Turns out, the Dallas Hot Shot Courier team knows a lot about him. So much that they’ve given the Big Man his own blog entry.