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Super Rush Delivery Dallas: This Week in History

February is African American History Month; twenty-eight days dedicated to the importance that African Americans played in the history of our country. It seems fitting, then, to use this week’s Super Rush Delivery Dallas blog as a platform to highlight an African American who played an important part in US history. We all remember the story of Rosa Parks, the woman who refused to sit in the back of the bus. There is much more to her story, though, than just that bus ride. Since it would take days to recount all the influence Parks had on America, instead we’ll give you the condensed version. The 45 Minute Delivery Dallas brief overview of the great life of Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks.

STAT Dallas Couriers: Simple Fixes for Big Messes

That STAT Dallas Couriers do an excellent job and fixing big messes. You forgot to run the presentation folders to the convention center, and your meeting is in two hours? No problem! The Super Rush Dallas Couriers have a solution. Your client was supposed to receive your product three days ago, and you realize it’s still sitting in the mailroom? Never fear! The Fast Dallas Couriers are here. We know how to save the day when life gets messy, but what about when your kids get messy? Lucky for you, readers, the 45 Minute Dallas Courier Team are pretty practical people, and not only can they transport your time sensitive good across the Metroplex immediately, they can also give you some tips for fixing the seemingly disastrous messes your kids get themselves in to.

Super Rush Dallas Couriers: Dad’s Day

Shoot. That sinking feeling just came to me. Anxiety levels are now at an all-time high. Why? I forgot about Father’s Day! Thankfully, if you made the same mistake, you still have a few days to make up for the fact that you’re a chronic procrastinator and rely on your phone calendar to remind you to eat breakfast in the morning. Don’t sweat it; our Super Rush Dallas Couriers are here to save the day, as usual.

Super Rush Deliveries Dallas: Lake Safety

The weather is heating up, and the unofficial start to the summer is just around the corner. For the Super Rush Deliveries Dallas team and the rest of North Texans, that means it’s time to hit the lake! There are easily a dozen lakes in the Dallas Fort Worth area that make our brutal summers just a little more bearable. Just last week I was visiting a family member who lives near Lewisville Lake, one of the largest lakes in North Texas. We were enjoying the beautiful sunshine when we heard the blaring sirens of an emergency vehicle. All of a sudden, the Lewisville Dive Rescue unit sped by. My heart stopped. There are only a few reasons why the fire department deploys the dive unit, and none of them are pleasant.

Dallas STAT Deliveries: Bring On The Madness

There’s a little bit of “crazy” in the air. Can you feel it? It’s not the 83-degree weather we experienced this week (immediately followed by a return of frigid temps). That’s pretty crazy. But, no, this is…madness…March Madness, to be specific. Go ahead, ask our Dallas STAT Deliveries team exactly what makes March so full of madness. They will tell you what any red-blooded American will tell you, it’s NCAA Division 1 basketball.

Dallas Courier: Competing at Miss Universe

There is always a lot of hype about the Miss Universe pageant. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be crowned the queen of this universe. You’re likely gorgeous, talented and smart. Or at least let’s hope so.