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STAT Delivery Dallas: A Day In the Life

There are a few topics that generally come up when people are first introduced to one another. These topics usually center around things we’re proud of. For example, a person’s occupation is a big ice-breaker. Our STAT Delivery Dallas drivers love what they do, and are happy to tell folks about their job as super men and women, available at a moment’s notice to fly across town with customers’ time sensitive goods. Another hot topic is where you’re from or where you went to school. It’s amazing what a bond we feel with those who grew up in our town or those who share our alma mater. The last topic that I find to be a common intro conversation is children.

Route Deliveries Dallas: Royal Wedding Extravaganza!

When I was little, all I wanted to be was a princess. I wanted to wear pretty dresses, gloves and hats. I wanted to live in a palace, and of course, I wanted a canopy bed. My dream room was pink and white, covered in flowers and lace. Girly? Yes. Princess? You bet!