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STAT Dallas Couriers: Simple Fixes for Big Messes

That STAT Dallas Couriers do an excellent job and fixing big messes. You forgot to run the presentation folders to the convention center, and your meeting is in two hours? No problem! The Super Rush Dallas Couriers have a solution. Your client was supposed to receive your product three days ago, and you realize it’s still sitting in the mailroom? Never fear! The Fast Dallas Couriers are here. We know how to save the day when life gets messy, but what about when your kids get messy? Lucky for you, readers, the 45 Minute Dallas Courier Team are pretty practical people, and not only can they transport your time sensitive good across the Metroplex immediately, they can also give you some tips for fixing the seemingly disastrous messes your kids get themselves in to.

STAT Delivery Dallas: A Day In the Life

There are a few topics that generally come up when people are first introduced to one another. These topics usually center around things we’re proud of. For example, a person’s occupation is a big ice-breaker. Our STAT Delivery Dallas drivers love what they do, and are happy to tell folks about their job as super men and women, available at a moment’s notice to fly across town with customers’ time sensitive goods. Another hot topic is where you’re from or where you went to school. It’s amazing what a bond we feel with those who grew up in our town or those who share our alma mater. The last topic that I find to be a common intro conversation is children.

Hot Shot Delivery Dallas: The Case for Compensation

Many of the employees of our Hot Shot Delivery Dallas department love to watch college sports. Some of us like it even more than professional sports. When players aren’t paid, something about their performances seems incredibly genuine. But that subject of payment is a hot topic these days; one that our Hot Shot Delivery Dallas team has seen all over the news lately.

Super Rush Deliveries Dallas: Lake Safety

The weather is heating up, and the unofficial start to the summer is just around the corner. For the Super Rush Deliveries Dallas team and the rest of North Texans, that means it’s time to hit the lake! There are easily a dozen lakes in the Dallas Fort Worth area that make our brutal summers just a little more bearable. Just last week I was visiting a family member who lives near Lewisville Lake, one of the largest lakes in North Texas. We were enjoying the beautiful sunshine when we heard the blaring sirens of an emergency vehicle. All of a sudden, the Lewisville Dive Rescue unit sped by. My heart stopped. There are only a few reasons why the fire department deploys the dive unit, and none of them are pleasant.

Dallas STAT Deliveries: Preparing for the Storm

Yesterday in Plano, just north of our Dallas STAT Deliveries home base, tornado sirens wailed through the sky around noon. The noise instantly struck fear into my heart, and wide-eyed, I did exactly what you are not supposed to do when you hear the warning sirens. I ran outside in my backyard and looked up to see what was going on. Thankfully, though unbeknownst to me, this was just an assessment of the emergency system. A few minutes into the sirens, a voice came on the loudspeaker indicating that this was merely a test. Here in North Texas, a tornado can move in faster than a Dallas STAT Deliveries driver. And let me tell you, that’s fast! So we’ve begun preparing our resources just in case disaster should strike now that it’s the season for storms.

Hot Shot Courier Dallas: GeO-Deck Grand Opening

When you think of the image of the Dallas skyline, what comes to mind? For our folks at Hot Shot Courier Dallas the answer is Reunion Tower, aka “The Ball”. It rises above the city rooftops, and shines in the night next to the most famous pieces of architecture in our hometown. And as of Saturday, October 5th, Reunion Tower is once again complete and open to the public for awe-inspiring 360 degree views via the GeO-Deck. They’re calling it a new era for the tower, but we can’t forget its roots.

Valentine's Deliveries DFW: Idea Central

As January comes to an end, our team at Dallas Courier delivery services Dallas starts looking ahead to February - the month of love. As you can probably imagine, there are quite a few pink, red and white deliveries floating around our Metroplex around February 14th. But even though pretty much everyone and their mother knows Valentine's Day is coming up, most people will procrastinate and wait until the very last second to get something planned. Now, I am not for last minute planning, but I will say that Dallas Courier is your ticket to success if you haven't planned ahead. Why is that? Well, ever heard of our super rush delivery services Dallas? If you haven't, it's a delivery we handle in under 45 minutes. Ya, you read that correctly - under 45 minutes. So if you do procrastinate, we can help. And if you don't, we can help with that too. If you're planning ahead, call us and set up your delivery order - 1 hour, 2 hour 3 hour or 4 hour same day delivery services options. Then, come February 14th, you can rest easy.