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Dallas Tire Couriers: Put Down the Phone

According to a study done by Pew Research, 90% of American adults own a cell phone. That includes many of our Dallas Tire Couriers. We love technology! Simple technology like the cell phone is what allows you to track your items from the moment the leave the warehouse until they’re delivered to your front door by our Dallas Tire Couriers. While we appreciate what cell phones can do for our business, we also know there is a time and a place to use them. Behind the wheel is not the time or place to use your cell, especially when it comes to texting.

Dallas Tire Deliveries: Holiday Travel

We’re coming up on the biggest travel week of the year. Dallas Courier’s Dallas Tire Deliveries drivers are used to the hustle and bustle of the freeways, but they know that as the holidays near, there will be even more people on the roads. According to the Bureau of transportation, the six days surrounding Thanksgiving are the most travelled days of the year. The peak is on Thanksgiving Thursday. Around this holiday, the number of long distance trips, those destinations that are 50 miles away or more, rises by 54%. This is followed by a close second at Christmas where the number rises by 23%.

Dallas Tire Courier: Hybrid Hype

Driving a hybrid vehicle is in style. Sometimes they are purchased in an effort to save money, sometimes in an effort to save the environment, and other times in an effort to just “look the part”.  I see them all the time on the roads, but what really is a hybrid vehicle, and what makes them different from traditional cars? Dallas Tire Courier, being in the automobile business, is here to give you the basics of the hybrid.

Tire Couriers Dallas: Football Frenzy

Our Tire Couriers Dallas drivers tell me that starting on Sunday, football season is officially upon us. If you’re like me, you have thoroughly enjoyed a pigskin-free few months since the Super Bowl. The beginning of football season at my house means the end of a useful husband- at least on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. That’s another thing- is no day sacred? How many more days are going to be taken over by endless hours of football? Well now the cynicism is talking, and with no basketball or hockey in sight, even the not so enthused, such as myself, are preparing for some football.