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Dallas Tire Delivery Service: Ice Aftermath

This last week North Texas has given me weather whiplash. On Wednesday, I had on shorts and a t-shirt for the 80-degree weather. By Thursday night, it was snowing. What's that saying again? If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait around awhile? Last week proved you don't even have to wait around awhile, just wait around 24 hours!

Tire Deliveries Dallas: Texas-OU/ OU-Texas Weekend

This Saturday, October 12th is the 113th meeting of football rivals The University of Texas and Oklahoma University. Depending on whom you support, we call it Texas-OU or OU-Texas Weekend. Tire Deliveries Dallas has fans on both sides of the Red River, so we will stick to the facts on this blog and leave personal opinions aside (hook ‘em). The game started in 1900 back when OU was merely a territory of the United States. From 1900 to 2005, the game was referred to as the Red River Shootout, as the Red River is the dividing boundary between the states of Texas and Oklahoma. The Red River actually has its own origins of conflict between the states, so it’s only appropriate that this rivalry of athletics is titled so. In 2005, the game title was changed to Red River Rivalry, as to avoid any connection to supporting gun violence.