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Valentine’s Deliveries Dallas: A Look at Love

If you’re a regular reader of our Dallas Courier blog, then you might be a little sick of Valentine’s at this point. Well, guess what? Today is the last Valentine’s Day post until next year! I can’t promise I will steer clear of the love topic, but I won’t mention Valentine’s, deal?

Valentine’s Couriers: Must-See Love Movies

It’s a day all about love – what else do you expect me to write about?! For all of you Valentine’s Day haters out there, maybe you just shouldn’t read today’s blog post – it’s going to be sappy. But to be honest, our couriers Dallas love this special day. Why? Because, we get to make all of the special Valentine’s Day deliveries across Dallas! From roses and lilies to chocolates and cakes, we get to brighten up people’s day with special treats. So, it’s not wonder February 14th pumps us up.