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When Transportation Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, Feb 7, 2020 @ 19:02 PM

Eagle Express, Transportation for Healthcare Items in Dallas

Hundreds of millions. That quantity could mean something awesome. Like, for example, if you had hundreds of millions of dollars in your bank account. (Hey, we can dream.) Or, when you consider the hundreds of millions of stars in the sky. A quantity that large is pretty spectacular, right?


Unless, of course, you’re talking about germs. Yuck. Did you know there’s one thing lurking in your house right this very moment that transports hundreds of millions of germs around every time you use it? It’s true.


Transportation for healthcare items in Dallas is a good thing. Transportation for hundreds of millions of nasty germs? Not a good thing. Since we’re in the throes of cold and flu season, now is the time to educate yourself on the germiest places in your home, and the ways you can banish the multitude of germs being transported around your living space each day. Take notes! Just wash your hands, first.


Dish sponges: Let’s start with the biggest offender. Dish sponges transport hundreds of thousands of germs all around your kitchen, as you think you’re cleaning it. Since it stays moist, bacteria have plenty to feed off of. Microwave your dish sponge for 30 seconds every few days, or opt for kitchen rags that can be replaced daily.


Kitchen sink: While we’re in that room, go ahead and disinfect the sink. It’s the second germiest place in your house, with half of kitchen sinks containing coliform and another quarter containing mold. Once or twice a week disinfect the entire sink, including the handle, sides, and drains.


Toothbrush and toothbrush holder: You might think that the toilet seat is the worst offender in your bathroom. It isn’t. The toothbrush holder nearly always contains mold, and sometimes contains staph! Change your toothbrush every three months, and wash your toothbrush holder once a week in the dishwasher.


Coffee pot: Whether at work or at home, the coffee pot is nearly never clean enough. Microbiologists have found staph, strep, and e-coli in the pot and water reservoirs during germ studies. To clean these areas, fill the reservoir with vinegar. Wait 30 minutes, then brew. Follow that up with two cycles of water before you make your next cup of Joe.


Handles, switches, and knobs: Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms all contain things we touch absentmindedly hundreds of times a day. Unfortunately, few of us think to clean these areas. On a weekly basis, wipe these down with a disinfectant cloth.


Your phone: Ready for a shocker? Your phone carries ten times more bacteria than the toilet seat. And you transport that in your pocket daily, which means you’re carrying around and spreading more than your share of nasty each and every day. Keep your phone out of the bathroom and wipe it down with a water/alcohol solution as often as you think of it.


As you can see, transportation isn’t always a good thing, especially when you’re transporting hundreds of thousands of germs around your house each day. Get to cleaning and leave the beneficial transportation to Dallas Courier.


This cold and flu season, when you need transportation for healthcare items in Dallas, our HIPAA and OSHA certified couriers are available with just the right vehicle at the right time. Whether you’re in need of commercial deliveries or residential deliveries, our couriers are equipped to move your healthcare items quickly and securely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


So grab your phone (give it a good wipe down, first), and give Dallas Courier a call at 972.680.8000 to schedule transportation for healthcare items in Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex