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What Safeguards Do Medical Delivery Experts in DFW Take?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Aug 27, 2019 @ 16:08 PM

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Healthcare deliveries aren’t easy, but someone’s gotta do them! Of course, you could trust a cut rate courier or an inexperienced and inexpensive team with your time and temperature sensitive medical deliveries.


But THAT doesn’t sound smart.


Medical delivery experts will tell you that in order to complete healthcare transportation properly, it takes great care and these safeguards:


Training: Before ever handling a medial delivery in DFW, couriers must have proper training in multiple areas. First, they must be HIPAA trained, as to keep patient information private and protect patient rights. Medical delivery experts also are trained in HazMat handling and are OSHA certified.


Packaging: The Department of Transportation and the US Postal service set regulations for packaging sensitive items like medical deliveries. This is to protect the items, as well as those who transport them. This includes packaging liquids in leak proof containers, padding items with absorbent material in between layers to prevent contamination, and protecting materials with foam or bubble wrap. Don’t worry, a true full service provider like Dallas Courier can do it all for you.


Temperature control: Most healthcare items are sensitive enough that they require at least ambient temperature control. Others require refrigerated or frozen transportation. Temperature control keeps medical items from spoiling, becoming damaged, or unusable. Safeguarding your medical specimens means having a vehicle that can offer specific and reliable temperature control for the long haul or the short distance.


Insurance: One of the most important safeguards a courier can take is holding proper insurance. This means vehicle, liability, cargo, and other forms of insurance to protect both the courier and the clients, as well as anyone else on the road. Holding proper insurance from A-rated providers can be pricey, and many couriers simply won’t take on that cost. Your courier should, though. Ask questions of your transportation team. You don’t want to wait for an unforeseen circumstance to occur before finding out who foots the bill.


Spill kits: Speaking of unforeseen circumstances, medical delivery experts also are prepared to clean up a spill in the event that one occurs. While proper packaging and gentle handling can mitigate many of these disasters, should a biohazard spill occur, couriers carry kits that can clean up the mess thoroughly and safely. This includes gloves, body fluid treatment items, waste bags, and incident report sheets, among other things.


Medical delivery experts in DFW take on a variety of tasks for the healthcare industry. These include:


  • Emergency transportation services
  • Scheduled routine deliveries
  • Organ transportation
  • Cross town deliveries from labs to doctors’ offices
  • Oversized shipments for office furniture
  • Blood product delivery
  • And more


Another huge benefit that medical delivery experts can offer you is storage space. A centrally located, FDA approved warehouse like Dallas Courier’s can store your temperature sensitive and shelf stable pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and machines. When you’re ready for those items to move, you say the word, and we’ll pick, pack, and ship your items on your behalf. This type of warehousing and fulfillment service is incredibly beneficial for a large or busy healthcare provider.


Here at Dallas Courier, we’ve been serving hospitals, doctors, labs, and pharmacies with expert medical delivery services for over 37 years. We put into place all of the safeguards discussed here, and more. Care and precision are taken with every Dallas Courier delivery, whether it’s a food distribution order or a pharmaceutical one. Your time and temperature sensitive deliveries are in great hands, and your healthcare items are safe with our medical delivery experts.


If you’d like to know more about our services, or if you’re ready to discuss a plan of action unique to your organization, contact us any time of day or night. Our 24/7 medical delivery experts are standing by.