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What Types of Services Can a Medical Courier Provide a DFW Hospital?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Feb 6, 2019 @ 21:02 PM

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The Lone Star State has over 500 hospitals. Twenty-three of them rank on the US News list of best hospitals in America, and three of the top six ranked hospitals in the state are right here in Dallas.


That means we have quite the reputation to uphold here in the Metroplex.


We also have over 6.8 million people living in the Dallas Fort Worth Arlington area. That’s a lot of potential patients! With such a wide service area, so many different healthcare providers, and millions of folks receiving services from the healthcare industry, it would make sense that many healthcare providers turn to a third party logistics provider like Dallas Courier in order to get the job done.


But what, exactly, is “the job”? What kinds of services can a medical courier offer a DFW hospital? We’re glad you asked!


Transporting patient records- Whether you’re moving patient files so they can be stored electronically, or you’re transporting information from one office to another, that move requires a team expertly trained in patient privacy (HIPAA) standards. Healthcare couriers can move as little as one file to pallets full of them, via a variety of vehicles and on call couriers.


Route deliveries to and from labs- Expedient service between labs and doctors’ offices allows patients to receive vital information regarding their health quicker. A preset delivery schedule is easy to create, and ensures that medical pick-ups and drop offs get to their destinations every time, on time. That’s what we call dependable healthcare.


Pharmaceutical transfers- HIPAA and OSHA certified couriers use refrigerated vehicles to keep pharmacies stocked with medication and vaccines that are necessary to keep North Texans healthy and well. This type of sensitive transportation should only be left to professionals with top-notch experience and longevity in the industry.


Organ transportation- Life saving organs have just a matter of hours to move from their donor to the recipient. Medical couriers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to move organs and specimens to those who need them most.


Office supplies and furniture- It’s not as glamorous as some of the other items, but somebody has to move lab tables, x-ray machines, and waiting room chairs to those hundreds of hospitals throughout DFW! With capable couriers and lift equipped straight trucks, supplies and furniture move with ease across the Metroplex.


Food distribution- Hospitals provide healthy food to visitors and patients, but not without the assistance of a food distribution courier. Refrigerated, ambient, and frozen foods are transported with the assistance of a courier with specialized training and licensing to handle food.



As residents of North Texas, we’re blessed to have a variety of fantastic options when it comes to healthcare services. But it’s important to give credit to a professional healthcare couriers as we consider the fabulous medical care that is available to us. Medical couriers transport everything from specimens to organs to meals for patients. Healthcare providers who partner with a reliable, knowledgeable team of experts like those here at Dallas Courier are able to offer patients the very best care.


If you’re a medical professional in need of transportation and logistics services, don’t hesitate to contact Dallas Courier today. We’re available for scheduled deliveries, as well as urgent, 24/7 transportation services.


Don’t see your transportation need listed here in this blog? Give us a call or chat with us on our website to find out just what kinds of unique services we can offer you to meet your desire to better serve your customers.