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What You Need to Know About Custom Critical Truck Deliveries

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Oct 23, 2019 @ 15:10 PM

Dallas Courier, Custom Critical Truck Delivery

What’s better than getting your hamburger just how you want it at your favorite fast food joint? Getting your cargo delivery just how you want it from your favorite fast courier, that’s what!


At Dallas Courier, we don’t operate from a menu. While we do offer a short list of our services on our website, customers aren’t limited to the black and white. At Dallas Courier we celebrate the off-white, the gray, the ash, and all those interesting combinations in-between. Your deliveries move your way, even if they have to move far away.


Our custom critical truck delivery is a great option for folks who operate all throughout the country, but have clients or headquarters here in North Texas. With our dry and refrigerated straight trucks, your items can move anywhere in the continental United States with a dedicated vehicle and an expert driver behind the wheel. No stopping for consolidation. No third party hand offs.


While we want you to have high expectations when it comes to your Dallas Courier deliveries, we also want you to have realistic ones. It’s important to consider these factors as you plan your next custom critical truck delivery.



Generally speaking, the price of your delivery is based on an equation that includes distance and time. Our drivers are compensated for the time they’re on the road and for the fuel costs.  Additionally, the further your items has to travel, the longer it will take to get there (duh). As you consider whether a custom critical truck delivery is right for your business, distance is one of the most important topics for consideration.



The best way to go about a custom critical truck delivery is to plan ahead. It gives your business and ours time to plan out a perfect pick up and drop off schedule, and it gives our driver time to properly prepare. Oh, it also saves you some cash! A scheduled delivery is always more cost effective than an urgent one.


Of course, if you do have an urgent delivery need arise, we can accommodate. Truck deliveries are available on an on demand basis. We’ll still complete your delivery as soon as possible, but the last minute request will cost more than a scheduled one.


Federal Regulations

Custom critical truck deliveries are regulated in many different ways, but many of those you won’t have to worry about. We’ve got you covered. Our team members are educated in federal standards for food transportation, hazardous materials, HIPAA and OSHA standards, among others. Drivers are also limited in the number of hours they can be on the road. This is one safety standard we don’t mess around with. Our team stays on top of federal regulations so we can ensure secure and safe transport of your most sensitive items, including medical specimens and food items.


Uncontrollable Factors

Unfortunately there are other factors to consider. And they aren’t so fun. Those uncontrollable factors like weather, construction, traffic, and cargo damage or loss. These could affect the delivery of your items, and some of them truly are uncontrollable. However, at Dallas Courier, we carry a full suite of insurance to cover your cargo. If loss or damage of your products occur, Dallas Courier has A-rated insurance providers that can assist in making reparations quickly and amicably.


Planning your custom critical delivery in Dallas or outside of the Metroplex can be daunting- unless you have the right partner. Dallas Courier is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're here to answer those tough questions and give you confidence as we move your items to their desired locations. Find us here on the web or call 972-680-8000 any time of day or night to get started