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What’s the Big Deal with Food Transportation Safety?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Jan 14, 2020 @ 22:01 PM

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For us here at Dallas Courier, safety is a major issue. In general, safety serves as one of the main guiding principles for all of our Dallas delivery services. We only hire drivers with outstanding safety records, and we take the time to train and maintain our team members on best practices when it comes to safe transportation. In short: safety is standard.


But there are certain deliveries that require just a little more dedication to safety standards than others. In fact, this isn’t just a Dallas Courier reference, sometimes safe transportation is strictly regulated by the law. That is the case for both medical deliveries and food deliveries. But let’s focus on the latter.


What’s the big deal with food transportation safety? We’d love to share our thoughts.


Federal standards regulate food transportation.

In the past decade, our federal government has taken great strides to reduce foodborne illness. According to CDC data, one in six Americans is sickened each year by food contamination. About 128,000 people are hospitalized, and 3,000 actually die from foodborne illness annually. This is a completely preventable ailment. 


By ensuring the safety of food at many different points in the supply chain, including food transportation, it is the hope of lawmakers, healthcare providers, and, essentially, all people, that we can prevent contamination of our food and animals’ food. Following guidelines as indicated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), transportation professionals can do their part to ensure safe transport of food and beverages, reducing the number of food related illnesses each year.


Contamination can occur at any point.

The goal of the FSMA is to get all links in the supply chain on the same page about food safety, because, as we know, contamination can occur at any point in the process. The transportation process has many risky steps. If they're not properly carried out, food products can be compromised.


The containers that hold food, equipment that lifts it into and out of the vehicles, the vehicles themselves, and the individuals transporting the food can all become a liability if safety doesn’t remain at the forefront of operations. Dallas Courier is committed to adhering to FSMA standards, keeping our vehicles and equipment clean and sanitized, and training our couriers in safety best practices.


Cutting corners puts lives at risk.

If we haven’t made this point already: food transportation is a big deal. It shouldn’t come with a $0 price tag. “Free delivery” means corners were cut at some point in the supply chain process. If you don’t want to gamble, don’t go with a food transportation team that cuts corners.


With a product as important as consumables, improper handling can put lives at risk. Vet your delivery team. Ask about their hiring and training process for their drivers. Find out if they maintain their equipment. Ask to see proof of their insurance. A company that cuts corners in any one of these areas isn’t a company you can trust with your food transportation.



Every delivery is important here at Dallas Courier. However, food transportation requires a unique dedication to safety standards. For nearly 40 years, our couriers have committed themselves to knowing and incorporating best practices for safe food transportation into every food and beverage delivery. We utilize maintained vehicles, state of the art technology, and stringent sanitizing practices to do our part in reducing the risk of foodborne illness.


Food transportation is a big deal! Don't chance it. Go with the best- Go with Dallas Courier! Contact us here on our website, or call us at 972.680.8000.