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With These Expert Tips, Your DFW T&L Processes Will Never Be the Same

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sun, Aug 25, 2019 @ 21:08 PM

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Things change, sure. Sometimes for the not-so-good. Like the new neighbor that just moved in, whose hobbies include chainsaw sculptures, bird calling, and power washing…at 7 am. Or your beach bod after you peak at 35.


Sometimes, though, never going back is a good thing.  Trust us,  your transportation and logistics processes will never be the same after incorporating these tips from our expert delivery team. And that's a good thing.


Tip#1: Plan ahead, save big- Couriers are available for on demand, super rush services. Oftentimes, your in-town deliveries can move in as little as 45 minutes! But these urgent deliveries can be costly. Save money and stress by scheduling your deliveries in advance. You can use our app Hyper Ship, or you can give our friendly team a call to get your daily, weekly, or monthly deliveries on the books in advance. Then you can relax, knowing your deliveries will be completed as planned.


Tip #2: Let a courier do the packing- Your courier isn’t limited to shipping. A full service logistics provider can handle the picking, packing, and disposal, too. This ensures your items are packaged safely so they arrive in perfect condition. This is especially important for medical deliveries, which require specific, federally regulated packaging to prevent cross contamination and biohazard spills. Don’t stress if this sound out of your skillset. Let your courier handle it all, instead.


Tip #3: Multiply your services- Bundle and save- that’s what your cable company says to you before they triple your charges after six months. Dallas Courier won’t do that to you, though. Use our team for all your DFW T&L processes, from storage to inventory management, shipping to final mile deliveries- when you multiply your services, you can save time and money. A one-stop-shop courier can handle all your T&L services.


Tip #4: Technology is a big deal- Your courier’s commitment to technology is a direct indication of their ability to serve you. Couriers who don’t keep up with the changing times can’t give your business what you deserve. Find a courier who believes in state of the art technology in their vehicles, updated inventory management software, and 24/7 accessibility through a variety of communication methods. In a convenience culture, technology helps you stay on top of your deliveries, and it keeps you in-the-know about where your items are at any point in the process.


Tip #5: Ask questions- How well do you know your delivery team? What types of insurance do they carry? How do you reach them in an emergency? What training have they received? These are all questions you need to know from your delivery team. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get the scoop about your courier before handing over your time and temperature sensitive items.


With these tips, your DFW T&L processes will never be the same, and that’s a GREAT thing! Change your storage, delivery, and shipment processes for the better when you partner with a team like Dallas Courier.


For nearly four decades, Dallas Courier has been serving customers well by working with our clients to create a unique plan of action for each and every delivery need. Whether you need a one-time, urgent transport, or you are in the market for daily route deliveries, Dallas Courier has the vehicle and the driver to solve your toughest and most sensitive T&L processes.


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