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You Don’t Want to Make Your Own Deliveries, & We’re Here For It

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Jul 30, 2019 @ 23:07 PM

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We hear you, Fortune 500 businesses headquartered in Dallas Fort Worth. We hear you, mid-sized businesses with 50ish employees. We hear you, Mom and Pop who own your own shop right in your own ‘hood.


We hear you, DFW businesses!


You don’t want to make your own deliveries. And we’re here for it! We agree with you 100%. In fact, if you’re still making your own deliveries, and you’re looking at this blog thinking “what am I missing?”, we’re here for you, too.


Here are just a few of the reasons why you don’t want to make your own deliveries, and why it’s best that you don’t, anyway.


It’s time consuming: Making your own deliveries requires leaving the office, going to your customer, and then returning. That’s an out and back process that at best takes two hours of your time. Tack on the time it takes to pack, load, unload, and make nice with customers, and you’ve spent nearly an entire day with a single delivery. Don’t even get us started on route deliveries! A third party like Dallas Courier can make those time consuming deliveries more efficient for you. Your customers are served well, and you’re committing your precious time to what you do best.


It requires special training: Nearly all deliveries require some sort of special license or training. Sometimes both. Healthcare deliveries, for example, require training in HIPAA and HazMat. Driving certain vehicles requires a commercial driver’s license. Moving food and beverages involves training in FDA standards. You get the picture? Instead of taking the time and money to train your employees on yet another task, hand those deliveries over to the experts. Our drivers are trained and certified in all areas of transportation, and we’re experienced in moving all sorts of cargo.


It’s risky: You might think it’s risky to hand your cargo off to a third party for delivery. In fact, it’s riskier to move that cargo yourself. If an accident occurs and damage is incurred to a vehicle or injuries are sustained, lawsuits can result. Or, less severe results can occur such as lost or damaged cargo. A courier operating in DFW should be fully insured with A rated providers. This gives you confidence and coverage for those unexpected circumstances.  Don’t risk it. Let an insured professional handle your deliveries.


It’s not in the best interest of your customers: You love your customers, that’s a fact. Which means you should want to provide them with only the best customer service. A 24/7 delivery provider like Dallas Courier can move your customers’ items at any time of day or night, oftentimes within the hour. Our friendly and professional couriers are uniformed and trained in all areas of customer service. Fast and personal deliveries are in your and your customers’ best interests. A great delivery partner is one of the best ways to show your customers you care.


It’s so 2009: Ten years ago, the economy had tanked, businesses fell through, and very little trust existed in the businesses operating in the North Texas region. Allowing a third party to step in and complete your transportation and logistics tasks seemed like a poor choice. It’s time to let that mindset go. In 2019, your business is ready to take it to the next level. A great T&L provider can help your business grow to reach new markets, serve your current customers better, and help you physically expand with warehousing and fulfillment services. Get out of that 2009 mindset and head on in to this decade- where you can trust your delivery partner, and your business can grow from a positive relationship with your T&L provider.


We get it. You really don’t want to deal with your own deliveries. You don’t want to take the time, put in the effort, or pay the price. We’re here for it!


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