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17 Fun Facts about the Upcoming State Fair of Texas

The countdown is on! For the 132nd year, the State Fair of Texas will grace Fair Park with rides, food, and fun. Are you ready? Our truck delivery services team will fill you in on a truckload of facts about the greatest fall happening in North Texas.

The Devastation of Hurricane Florence, and What You Can Do to Help

Here in North Texas, we know the power of a little rain. In fact, our overnight delivery couriers aren’t ashamed to say that we’ve often prayed for rain. After years of water restrictions and severe drought, we welcome any precipitation we can get to water our favorite Texas crops and fill our beautiful North Texas lakes and rivers. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual for our neighbors to the East. Understandably, they’re praying for the rain to stop. 

When Scheduled Deliveries in DFW Just Make Sense

If we had to be honest, there are a lot of things that just don’t make sense.


Why are hot dog buns sold in packs of ten, while hot dogs are sold in packs of 8?


Why is a pizza box square when nearly every pizza is round and cut into triangles?


Why are pants called “a pair” when there is only one of them?


In a world where there are many things that just don’t seem to fit, you’ll be happy to know that, when it comes to your scheduled deliveries in DFW, sometimes a delivery route just makes sense. Even if you don’t know it yet.


If you find yourself in any one of the following situations, it might be time to set up your scheduled delivery route with a trustworthy courier like Dallas Courier.

5 Beverages That Are Sabotaging Your Diet Goals

As we roll into fall, many of us might be thinking ahead to the holiday season. How can we not? The department stores are already rolling out their Christmas decorations. According to them, the holidays are already upon us!


But for those of us living in the “now”, our food distribution couriers remind you that there are still a few months before the holiday season kicks in. Which means our food distribution delivery team has a few more weeks to prepare for the holiday rush and the rest of us have a few months to really crack down on those diets before we’re faced with the decision between pumpkin and pecan pie on a weekly basis.

Do You Need a Refrigerated Van Delivery? Here’s How to Know


Wondering if your business and customers can benefit from refrigerated van deliveries? Remember, sometimes other modes of transport can’t deliver quite like a van can. Keep reading to determine whether your business is ready take the plunge into refrigerated van deliveries.

Fall’s Official Kickoff Is Coming Soon



The first day of Fall is coming! On September 22nd, at exactly 8:54 PM here in Dallas, the Fall Equinox occurs. Of course, our Dallas weekend delivery team will be celebrating. They’ll be out making your Saturday and Sunday deliveries, as they do every weekend, to ensure your office is stocked on Monday morning for the work week. Oh, we’re also available during the week, in the evenings, on holidays, in the middle of the night- whenever you need an urgent delivery, Dallas Courier is available.


In short, when Fall hits, we’ll be ready. But if you’re looking at the word “equinox”, and thinking: overly priced health club, you wouldn’t be completely wrong, but you also wouldn’t be ready for the spectacle of the beginning of Fall, either. We’ll help you out.

We Put the “Cool” in Your Hot Shot Refrigerated Delivery

Ok, so there might not actually be the word “cool” in the phrase “hot shot refrigerated delivery”, but the point is, our couriers are cool, calm, and collected, no matter what type of delivery we hit them with.


That includes the hot shot refrigerated delivery that you called to schedule at 3 in the morning on the first day of Labor Day weekend.


See, even though hot shot deliveries have the word “hot” in them, because they are, after all, a hot topic for your organization and of the utmost importance, they require the opposite. They require a cool team to remain collected, steady, and able to move the most time sensitive goods at the very last minute, often completing delivery in 45 minutes or less. Do you have a courier that can put the “cool” in your hot shot refrigerated delivery?

The Three Tricks to Successful Cross Dock Logistics

Cross dock logistics are fairly simple. You need to get the goods from one truck onto another as efficiently as possible. Even so, a lot of time and effort goes into getting it right. This is especially true if you are new to using this shipping method.


Here are three tricks to getting cross dock shipping right. These keys to success apply to any industry and will boost productivity and sales. They will also help you keep costs low.

Here's Why It’s Just Better to Eat Local

If we’ve said it once…we’ll say it one hundred thousand times again: We love North Texas!


We know you do, too. Dallas Courier has been serving the North Texas Metroplex for over 35 years. We live here, we work here, and we are invested in our region as much as you are. Which is why we’re advocates for supporting local businesses.


While we love to show love for all our local industries, we really love to support our local farms. Eating locally is just better. It’s better for you. It’s better for the farms. It’s better for your wallet. Here’s why we love supporting locals with our food distribution in DFW.

If Life Gives You Lemons Have a Sweet Tea & Call in a 24 Hour Delivery

In the DFW small businesses world, there are a number of transportation “lemons” that can occur. But that’s no reason to turn sour, or even to make your own lemonade. Instead, let an experienced 24 hour delivery courier handle those lemons (both literally and figuratively), and rest easy with your glass of Texas sweet tea knowing your delivery blunder is in great hands.