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The Post Christmas Credit Shakedown

Dallas Courier, Expedited Deliveries in DallasChristmas 2017 is finally behind us. Perhaps you were one of those folks who took down their tree before slicing into the Christmas goose. Or, maybe you prefer to keep it up until the New Year kicks off. Still others prefer to leave their decorations up year-round. (Certainly, conducive when it comes to using your time wisely.)


Most of us, though, have left the holiday season behind us, and are pressing forward into 2018. While our couriers do prefer moving quickly, especially when it comes to expedited deliveries in Dallas, this blog will show you why it might be best to slow it down and revisit the Christmas season, at least when it comes to your credit.

DFW Healthcare Couriers Do Their Part During Flu-Mageddon

Cold and flu season is no fun, but it’s also no joke. According to the latest reports, 1,155 deaths here in Texas can be attributed to cold, flu, and pneumonia. And the reality is that it’s probably worse than this.


According to state law, only deaths in those younger than 18 are required to be reported. People who pass away who are over the age of 18 are only reported voluntarily, by hospitals or nursing homes, which means that this year’s cold and flu season is even deadlier than we thought.


Thankfully, DFW healthcare couriers are doing their part in preventing as many deaths and illnesses as possible. In a fight against one of the deadliest seasons of illness in decades, and not just for the Metroplex, folks rely on the efforts of those who make medical deliveries in Dallas.


How do healthcare deliveries prevent widespread disease? Our healthcare courier service in Dallas fills you in.

Because We Know You Can't Resist These Newsworthy Animals

Dallas Courier, DFW Expedited Shipping ServicesThere is so much going on lately that is newsworthy. From the devastating mudslides in California to the intense cold front blasting from the East coast all the way to the Lone Star State, there’s a lot of incredibly important stuff happening around the US.


But let’s take a break from that, shall we? Our Dallas Courier Twitter feed is blowing up with all sorts of tough news, but this week, we hope to add a little fun to your feed. That’s why today’s post will give you a quick boost of positivity. Like our DFW expedited shipping services, we’ll bring you a super-fast delivery of some heartwarming stories about newsworthy animals.


See if this gets you thinking a little more positively today!

3 Things You Never Thought of That Will Change with AVs

As autonomous vehicles (AVs) begin to take their place on the very roads and highways shared by our Dallas Fort Worth delivery drivers, there are some obvious changes that we can expect to take place.


For starters, AVs are expected to lead to lower the rate of vehicle collisions. In fact, it’s one of the most touted reasons for implementing autonomous features in vehicles. Some speculate that autonomous vehicles could actually save 10 million lives per decade after they become mainstream.


It’s also expected that autonomous vehicles will be more environmentally conscious, as they will reduce instances of unnecessary braking and acceleration; thereby, remaining as fuel efficient as possible.


But there are also many effects of autonomous vehicles that we might not be aware of us just yet, and there are certainly more than a few that our DFW courier blog will point out that you’ve never even thought of.

What Can Your Business Gain With Dallas Hot Shot Courier Services? 

Hot shot deliveries in DFW provide a fast-paced shipping method. In fact, when you find the right service that meets your needs, schedule and budget, you’ll discover this delivery method is the most efficient and effective in the DFW area. It is particularly beneficial to those who need quick shipping of delicate items that require handling with care.


Understanding the features of this type of specialized delivery service will help you to shop around wisely when trying to find a service to hire. You will want to choose a courier business that meets your requirements and at the same time charges you a fair rate for services. Keep reading to learn more about Dallas hot shot courier services done right!

What Warehouse Logistics Companies in Dallas Wish Everyone Knew

Warehouse logistics companies in Dallas are just like any other business. We want to make sure our customers get what they need. Unfortunately, many of our customers aren’t even aware of some of the best features included in third-party logistics help. Here’s a brief list of what our team at Dallas Courier wishes you knew and what it means for you.

You Have Resolutions in the New Year; We Can Help Fulfill Them

We’re just days into the New Year, which means you’re already making (and possibly breaking) your New Year’s Resolutions.


While some of us are making personal goals for 2018, there’s no doubt your business is also jumping on the bandwagon and looking for ways to improve as we enter a new year. As we all know, the best way to ensure success when it comes to New Years Resolutions is to get an accountability partner.


If you are a DFW business owner or employee, and you’re looking to increase your bottom line, expand your services, or better serve your customers, our Dallas Courier team is just the partner you’ve been looking for! Here are a few of the most common resolutions for business operating in the Metroplex, and some ways you can utilize our Dallas business delivery services to meet your goals:

Making Cents of Expedited Shipping Companies in DFW

Have you ever been in need of an urgent delivery, only to get sticker shock when you see the bill? At that point, you might be asking yourself: What am I paying for?


That’s a valid question! If you’re in need of Dallas expedited shipping services, you probably already know that these types of deliveries can be a little more expensive than the average drop off and pick up. But you’re also probably ok with paying a little more if it means you get the assurance that your items are moving quickly, and they’re in great hands.


If you’re going to be making a financial investment on your items that need delivery, you want to be certain you’re making the right choice in expedited shipping companies in DFW. Before you decide on the details regarding those time sensitive deliveries, you might want to consider the answers to a few more questions about where your hard-earned cash is going.


Here are just a few of the things you’ll want to ask yourself about your Dallas expedited shipping services to ensure you’re getting what you pay for:

Warehouse Distribution Dallas Couriers Put the SMART in Your NYR

When 2018 hits, 41% of us will resolve to do something differently. Many will vow to lose weight or eat healthier. Others will resolve to be better financial decision makers. A few of us will decide that 2018 is when we will find the love of our life!


Unfortunately, despite many of the lofty goals we will make, only 9% of us will be successful in our ventures. How can you give yourself a fighting chance at that 9% mark? By being SMART, of course!


Sure, for our Dallas warehouse logistics couriers, smart means not dumb. Like, it’s “smart” to hire a professional to manage your warehouse logistics in Dallas.


But for the sake of this Dallas Courier blog, SMART means something a little more. Let’s break it down:

Cheers to Ringing in 2018 Responsibly

In this marathon holiday season, there is just one more special day standing between you at 2018. But after you read this blog from our Texas courier services experts, you'll see that this one could be a killer.