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4 Critical Pieces of Advice Regarding STAT Medical Delivery

If there is one industry in the world that has no time to spare, it's the medical industry. This industry is one of the few professions in which timelines can be a life or death matter. Even in perfect conditions, organs are only viable for transplant for a few hours. Many medications have temperature limits at all times to preserve their potency. Vaccines and blood products face a similar delicate lifespan. When health care professionals need STAT medical delivery services, they mean STAT.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Dallas Hot Shot Couriers

If you are trying to learn more about Dallas hot shot couriers, you need to find all of your information in one convenient place. Who has time to conduct extensive Google searches? That’s why we’ve taken the time to create this ultimate cheat sheet for you.

Whether you have already been using hot shot couriers and are looking for a new one, or this is the first time you have considered taking advantage of such a service, this guide should answer your questions.

Why Trustworthy Same Day Medical Deliveries in Dallas Are So Critical

Same day medical deliveries in Dallas are available through many different couriers throughout the DFW area. But when you are seeking reliable couriers you know are up to the job of same day shipments, there’s only one place to turn: Dallas Courier.

What’s Blood Got To Do With It?

When seeking inspiration for a piece about Dallas blood samples, doesn’t it just make sense to turn to the Queen of rock ‘n roll, Tina Turner? Knowing that, go ahead and say the title of this piece to yourself again. It’s alright. You can sing it out loud.


In case you were not born prior to the turn of the Millennium, use your handy smart phone and look up the song “What’s Love Got to do With It?” Now replace the word “love” with “blood”, and you’ve got yourself the punny title of the day!


The point is, blood has a lot to do with it if we’re on the topic of healthcare transportation- which just so happens to be one of our prime offerings here at Dallas Courier. See, we’ve been transporting your lab specimens, healthcare items, and medical deliveries for over three decades. And we know that blood has a lot to do with it.

5 Ways Your Mobile Device Helps With Hot Shot Trucking Deliveries

Take a good look around you. Whether you’re at your home, at the office, or at a restaurant having dinner, chances are your cell phone is within arms’ reach. Don’t be embarrassed, though! You’re not alone. Most of us are attached to our mobile devices. And when we’re not, we get a little itchy.


The phrase for the addiction we have to our cell phones is called “nomophobia”. This is short for “no mobile phone phobia”. It’s an actual, though irrational, disorder that scientists and doctors are learning more about each day.


Sure, we might be a little overly addicted to our mobile devices, but it’s not all bad! That phone can actually do a whole lot of good when you need hot shot trucking deliveries, or even when you just want to keep tabs on your DFW courier team. Just for today, let’s set aside our nomophobia, and focus on just a few of the positive points of our mobile devices.

Love the Skin You're in This Summer

Umm…I’m sorry to bring this up. It’s rather embarrassing. But. Your epidermis is showing.


(Cue wild laughter, reminiscent of prepubescent jokes told on the school bus.)


Ah yes! The oldest dermatological joke in the book! Or maybe the only dermatological joke in the book... Either way, in case you didn’t have the pleasure of both receiving and giving this punchline, our Dallas healthcare delivery experts will fill you in. Epidermis is the outer layer of cells covering an organism. In other words, it’s your skin.


In summertime, your skin takes a brutal beating, especially if you live here in North Texas. Did you know your skin covers about 21 square feet? And all of this surface area is actually a great indication of your overall health. So what is your skin saying about your health? What kind of message is your skin trying to deliver, as our DFW healthcare couriers like to put it?

The Best Spots for 4th of July Fireworks in DFW

The countdown is on! There are just days left until our nation’s most patriotic holiday sets ablaze. Quite literally.


While our scheduled medical delivery team loves the hot dogs and the parades, what really gets us tachycardic are those fireworks displays! And there’s no shortage of them here in DFW. In fact, just to make things a little easier for you (which is exactly what Dallas Courier does best), we’ve scouted out some of the best shows in town. Take a look: 

4 Misconceptions about Dallas Medical and Hospital Couriers

Medical delivery service in Dallas is a growing business. It’s becoming more and more common for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical supply stores, and other medical facilities to turn to professional couriers to handle these critical deliveries. It can save clients time, money, and hassle, but it’s important to understand the facts about this type of service and to choose the right courier service for the job.

To help you separate fact from fiction, let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions about medical delivery service in Dallas:

6 Rules to Follow for Refrigerated Deliveries

As the famous Dua Lipa so eloquently has explained to us over and over (and over, and over, and over) on top charts radio stations: “I’ve got new rules, I count ‘em.” Thankfully, when it comes to your refrigerated deliveries in Dallas, there are just a few simple, tried and true rules you should follow when preparing and shipping your temperature sensitive deliveries. We’ll make it even more simple for you and spell them out right here in our blog today.

What Does a Customer-First Approach Look Like?

According to Forbes Magazine, there are a few key critical factors to a business’s success. Sure, it’s great to have a good product. It’s even better if you’re good at marketing that product. But according to consumers the most important factor, the key to success, is trust.


Wouldn’t you agree? When you’re in the market for a Dallas business courier service, wouldn’t you first and foremost seek out a company who you can trust with your important documents, sensitive materials, and valuable products?