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Trucking is Taking Notes from the US Army

The United States military is undoubtedly the greatest military in the world. Our men and women are trained, tested, and prepared both mentally and physically to handle any challenge that comes their way.


So, it’s no surprise that the trucking industry would want to take a page from the US military’s tactical handbook.


Not sure about the connection? Our DFW hot shot couriers will explain.


When Big Things Come in Small Packages

Here at Dallas Courier, we’ve been delivering your time and temperature sensitive goods for over 35 years. From artwork to artisanal foods, blood samples to building materials- we’ve seen it all. In all those years of service, if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that sometimes the most important items come in the smallest packages.


Sure, our Dallas transportation service is equipped to move your oversized and heavy items in our straight trucks and box trucks. Our warehouse stores some of the large items that companies don’t have room to store themselves. After all, this is Texas, where everything is BIG. But there are times when the smallest item carries great importance. 


Service: It Does a Body Good

Get this, Dallas Courier fans.


There are only ten Mondays until Christmas.


Mind. Blown.


Perhaps you’ve already seen the decorations popping up at the mall, or the seasonal items at the grocery store. As we near the holiday season, the concept of service will become more prevalent.


Service, as the dictionary puts it, is the action of helping someone else. Sometimes that means doing work for someone. Sometimes that means being the 24/7 Texas on demand delivery service that you call when you have an urgent transportation need. Other times it means offering assistance when you know you won’t receive anything in return.

Live Dangerously! Pick Up One of These Banned Books

To be honest, our Dallas 24 hour delivery service doesn’t really do “dangerous”. We do “dependable”. We do “honest”. We do “trustworthy”. But dangerous…that’s not really in our mission statement.


However, there is one time when we approve of living a little dangerously. It’s when you’re reading a good book.

Slow Down While You Speed Up With a Dallas Express Delivery Courier

After reading the title of this blog, you might be a little confused.


Slow down and speed up?


Those two things are opposites, and there’s no way you can do them at the same time…right?


Actually, with a Dallas express delivery courier, you can do just that. Here’s how.

What Do You Stand For?

When you think of our amazing express delivery Dallas Courier team, many words come to mind.


Dedicated. Persistent. Unafraid.


That last one might confuse you, but let’s elaborate.


Our Dallas express courier service is not afraid to tackle your oversized or large deliveries when you call at the last minute needing an urgent transport. We’re unafraid to handle your sensitive HazMat materials, or move your medical specimens in strict accordance to HIPAA regulations. We’re not afraid to lose a little sleep so that we can be available to you 24/7 when you call our phone lines.


We’re also not afraid to throw our opinion in the mix when we know it lines up with our efforts to remain in line with our mission to serve with honesty and integrity.


With all the current controversy over the last several weeks regarding respect for our country’s flag and for our National Anthem, our couriers have been thinking: what does the flag and the anthem mean to us?

Don't Be Fooled! There’s Only One Dallas Courier

Have you ever been fooled by an imitation?


Maybe you purchased something thinking it was authentic, only to realize once you put it into action, it was a fraud. How frustrating is it to know you’ve been duped?!


Or, maybe, you purchased an item or service knowing it wasn’t the real thing, but you got such a great deal! However, after just a few days of use, you realized that you should have just invested in the real, quality product the first time.


When it comes to choosing the right Texas courier service, it’s easy to get lost in all the imitators.


A quick internet search will bring up several dozen options for all the courier services Dallas has to offer, including some that aren’t even transportation and logistics services! Many of these might, at first glance, sound similar to our organization.


Some of them might even purposely mislead you by using our name in their title.


But let us assure you, there is only one, true, Dallas Courier.


Are You Compromising Your Cyber Security? Find Out Here

Is it that time of year, already?


Perusing the aisle at the store the other day, I noticed *gasp*, Christmas decorations.




I mean, there is nothing Christmas-y about 103 degrees at the end of September, amiright, North Texas!?


Before we go skipping into Halloween, trucking into Thanksgiving, and caroling our way into Christmas, let’s stop for a moment and enjoy October- because our Texas delivery service wants to highlight something very important going on this moth.


And it isn’t Columbus Day.

You Can’t Believe Everything You Hear

Did you hear!?


If you “like” this photo on Facebook, you could be entered to win a free trip to Hawaii!


Drinking this tea before you eat a hamburger will block your body from absorbing the fat!


If you push and hold the elevator button for four seconds and then release, it will come straight to your floor!


All of these things sound great, don’t they?


But we’ve all been around long enough to know that you just can’t believe everything you hear. Unless, of course, you hear that Dallas Courier is one of the most capable and service-oriented warehouse logistics companies in Dallas.


You can believe that.


But here are some things you just can’t believe, no matter how many times you’ve heard them. Here to set the record straight, is Dallas Courier- one of the Dallas warehouse logistics companies you can trust.

One and Done- National One Hit Wonder Day

Here at Dallas Courier, we understand the one-and-done mindset.


Some of our customers come to us with an urgent, one time delivery need that requires us to move large cargo across the city in a short amount of time, or temperature sensitive goods out of the state before tomorrow morning.


These urgent one-and-done delivery needs are never a problem, especially since our team is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 day as week, but the truth is, we really enjoy our scheduled route deliveries in Dallas.


Frequent, routine deliveries give us a chance to get to know our customers, and these types of deliveries allow us to create a relationship with our clients that shows them just how much we love our jobs, and how much we love serving our customers. While we understand that, occasionally, transportation emergencies happen, we’re really stoked when we get new clients in need of a DFW scheduled courier service.


That's not to say we don't still appreciate our hot shot deliveries, so today we’re celebrating the one-and-done mindset.