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7 Things You Never Thought of as Medical Deliveries

When you think of medical deliveries, many folks’ thoughts jump right to lab specimens. Blood samples are certainly among the top products moved by medical couriers in Dallas.


But that’s not all medical couriers can do.


That would be like saying a teacher’s only job is to teach your kids to add. There’s so much more to the job of an educator than just basic math, and there’s so much more to a medical courier than blood samples.


This is especially true for a 24/7 Dallas medical deliveries courier. The services of on call couriers are requested all day and night, and the items out for delivery are just as varied as these couriers’ schedules.


Turn Your Hump Day Into the Thrill of a Lifetime

If you don’t have plans for next Wednesday, August 16th,  get ready to be thrilled.


It’s National Roller Coaster Day.


There is no better excuse to play a little hookey and hit up Six Flags over Texas than to celebrate a momentous occasion such as this one! Ok, so maybe there are a few better reasons to miss work or school, but, c’mon! There isn’t a more fun one!


Roller coasters have a cool history that our reefer transportation Dallas team can really appreciate. Like, as in cold.

Would You Let Your Company Implant You With A Microchip?

There's a blog title I never thought I'd have to publish!

When it comes to identification programs at the workplace, US companies run the gamut. Depending on where you work, some of us have ID cards hanging from our necks all day, every day. Places like hospitals and labs require identification to be visible at all times the  to ensure the safety of patients. Sales associates at retail sites wear name tags to better serve their customers. Teachers have proper identification to open doors, and to ensure children are in safe hands. Here at Dallas Courier, our Dallas expedited trucking couriers are identified by our sharp blue polo shirt and khaki uniform. Our drivers also have special licenses, though, they aren’t required to wear them around their necks.


These are fairly normal examples of employee identification processes.


Then there are extremes.


One company out of Wisconsin is about to take employee identification to the next level.

Ice Cold Hasn’t Always Been a “Thing”

On a hot Texas summer day, as you go to pour yourself an ice-cold glass of lemonade, what is the first thing you put in your glass?


It’s not a straw. It’s not even the lemonade. It’s ice.


Here in America, ice is kind of a “thing”, and we don’t even know it. Go overseas, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant or hotel that would be willing to part with a few frozen blocks of water. It’s hoity toity to ask, to say the least. Sure, they have their own version of Dallas refrigerated logistics, but other than cold deliveries, ice isn't an everyday luxury.  


Couriers Ease the Pain of the Metroplex Lifestyle

There are so many great reasons to make Dallas Fort Worth your home.


We have a thriving economy, active social scenes, and some of the greatest restaurants in the world.


Of course, even the greatest cities have a few low points. Living and working in Dallas presents a few challenges for the average businessperson.



High population- There are approximately 2.1 million people living in Dallas and Fort Worth. These make up the 9th and 16th largest cities in the United States. However, when you add in the many different suburbs we have, that population number bumps up to 6.4 million. Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding suburbs make up the 4th largest metropolitan area in the United States.


That means lots, and lots of potential customers for your business. When your customer base is millions’ wide, you might need a little help making all of your deliveries. That’s where a Dallas Texas courier comes into play.

8 Lone Star Experiences You Don't Want to Miss



The hot shot trucking DFW blog post you’ve been waiting for.


Today we’re giving you the secret to happiness.


Shining the Spotlight on Eye Safety This Summer

The sunshine is great for vitamin D production; it’s necessary for plants and flowers to grow; it’s preferential for a day spent outdoors. But one thing the sun is not good for is your peepers.


Summertime is the perfect time for our DFW healthcare delivery service to remind you to take some extra precaution when it comes to your eyeballs. With over 230 days of sunshine each year, it’s time to get started making eye health your priority.


Not sure where to start?


Our healthcare delivery Dallas team can shed some light on how to protect your peepers this summer:

What Does A Courier Have To Do With Dallas Food Transport?

Let's talk about something near and dear to my heart. Food.


You might be asking yourself- what does a courier company have to do with food? If you’re not asking yourself that, go ahead and humor me. I’ll wait…


What does a courier company have to do with food, you ask? Tons! Read on to find out just how big of a role couriers can play in Dallas food transport.


The Month of August Marks A Meritorious Occasion

Summer might be coming to an end, but our Dallas same day deliveries team believes the month of August still brings cause for celebration. On August 7th, we recognize men and women of our Armed Forces who have served with unshakable courage, and gone above and beyond the call of duty.


On the 7th day of August each year, we celebrate Purple Heart Day.


For those who might not be aware, our same day deliveries in Dallas couriers will fill you in on this medal's importance. The Purple Heart is a military honor that is reserved for those who are wounded or killed in action against an enemy of the United States. On this special day, we celebrate the lives of those we have lost while in the line of duty, and we honor all who have sacrificed their health for the safety of our country.


The Purple Heart is nearly as old as our great country. It started out as the Badge of Military Merit, created by George Washington, who was, at the time, the commander in chief of the Continental Army. Three soldiers in the Revolutionary War were awarded this distinction by Washington himself before he allowed his subordinate officers to award the badges to their soldiers as they saw fit.

Here's Why You Should Use A Courier For Your Manufacturing Deliveries

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you’re in the business of making a big something out of a bunch of little somethings.  (How's that for simplification?) Our Dallas manufacturing deliveries couriers can appreciate that. After all, we’re really doing the same. We take your deliveries and put them into the hands of your customers- which is a big deal when you have happy customers as a result!


Did you know, though, that the manufacturing industry could benefit greatly from using a manufacturing services courier?


Take it to the next level with your efficiency and customer service with the help of our Dallas Courier deliveries team.