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In an Age of Reboots, Sometimes It’s Good to be an Original

Flip phones, wide leg pants, neon. They say style repeats itself every few decades. This could be why we’ve seen a resurgence in everything 80s and 90s. This includes our favorite movies. The live action remakes of some of our favorite movies has stirred up the emotions we felt as youngsters seeing animals dance and sing across the African savanna, or watching a princess sail across an Arabian market on a magic carpet.


Some of our most beloved television shows from these eras have made a return, as well. Reboots of classics family comedies, teen detectives, and a secret special ops agent with a knack for getting himself out of deadly situations using only an empty soda can and a single match bring us back to simpler times.


All these reboots, remakes, and returns are fun, but the point us back to something more solid- an original.


In an age where everyone’s in a hurry to recreate, sometimes it pays to be an original. This is true for customer service, and it’s especially true for transportation and logistics in DFW.

In Town And Out of Town Deliveries, Your Way

My way, or the highway.


How many times have you heard that saying? What if we rocked your world today and told you that it can be your way and the highway? Yes, it’s true.


With Dallas Courier’s custom critical deliveries, your in town and out of town orders can move your way, both near and far. How can you make your custom orders your own? Let us count the ways…


No, really. Let’s count ‘em. Here are 4 ways to make your in town and out of town deliveries uniquely yours.

3 Secrets of a Great T&L Provider in DFW

Here at Dallas Courier, we prefer not to keep secrets. As your top T&L provider in DFW, we believe that honesty is the most important policy in business. Unfortunately, that’s an often forgotten principle in this day and age, when anyone with a vehicle can call themselves a courier. As a customer with options, you have the right to be choosy. You don’t have time for a courier that isn’t 100% straightforward.

Quality Over Quantity Rules the Most Important Meal of the Day

Quality over quantity. That’s what you’ve always heard. When it comes to DFW deliveries, it’s the truth, too! Sure, you can find any old provider to handle your time and temperature sensitive deliveries, but, as our Dallas Courier team has always said, you get what you pay for.


While you might be able to pack in more deliveries, or save a few extra dollars on your invoices, the truth is, you’ll end up paying a whole lot more to fix a poorly executed delivery. When you are blinded by the “quantity”, you often miss out on the quality.


Thankfully, you have a DFW courier who offers quality service at fair prices, as well as a variety of services. Quality and quantity in one uniformed team.

You Don’t Want to Make Your Own Deliveries, & We’re Here For It

We hear you, Fortune 500 businesses headquartered in Dallas Fort Worth. We hear you, mid-sized businesses with 50ish employees. We hear you, Mom and Pop who own your own shop right in your own ‘hood.


We hear you, DFW businesses!


You don’t want to make your own deliveries. And we’re here for it! We agree with you 100%. In fact, if you’re still making your own deliveries, and you’re looking at this blog thinking “what am I missing?”, we’re here for you, too.


Here are just a few of the reasons why you don’t want to make your own deliveries, and why it’s best that you don’t, anyway.

10 Things You Hate About Your Deliveries

It’s been 20 years since the teen cult classic rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You graced the screen, but that won’t stop us from shamelessly borrowing the likeness of the title to grab your attention to this important transportation blog!


It’s no secret that if you aren’t in the delivery game,  making deliveries in DFW are…well…you fill in the blank. Cumbersome. Boring. Tedious. Frustrating. All of the above?


It’s a good thing our Dallas Courier team is full of professional and trained couriers who think of transportation as their bread and butter. While you might loathe the idea of moving time and temperature sensitive products throughout the Metroplex, it’s our jam!

Your Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Healthy Eating

The last few weeks of summer vacation mean one thing: Road trip! This is a sentiment shared by a select team of our Dallas Courier family- those involved in long distance deliveries from Dallas. While we have our great city in our name, we aren’t limited to the Dallas city limits. In fact, we travel all throughout Metroplex, outside the state of Texas, and even across the country, delivering your time and temperature sensitive goods.

Your Biggest Concerns About Same Day Deliveries, Solved

Same day deliveries are generally reserved for those items that are incredibly sensitive, whether by nature or by time constraint. When you hire a courier to move your items as a hot shot delivery, it’s because it’s important to you. Having your cargo arrive on time and in the perfect condition within the same day is of the utmost importance to you.


Naturally, with a process this important, some concerns will arise. Instead of pushing those concerns to the side, or just telling customers everything will work out, our Dallas Courier team prefers to address those concerns head-on, promoting confidence in our abilities and leaving you with peace of mind.


Here are the biggest concerns you have about same day deliveries, and some information about what we do to solve those concerns.

Couriers in DFW Keep Your Deliveries Secure

Security is a hot topic these days. Giant companies such as social media sites, multinational technology organizations, and huge retailers have had serious security breaches in the recent past. Your personal information all of a sudden became a little less personal.


You might wonder then, when you hire couriers in DFW, if your information and your items are secure. We can’t speak for everyone. But we can speak for our own Dallas Courier team. And the answer is, “yes”.    


As a customer of Dallas Courier, your security is maintained on two fronts: your personal information and your cargo. Let’s start with the former.

No Need to Scream, It's National Ice Cream Month

What’s with all the screaming? Oh, it’s July! Which means it’s National Ice Cream Month. I’m not sure about you, but I’m more of a fan of the happy scream. You know, the kind of “YEAH!” that you get when someone puts a perfectly frozen scoop of ice cream on top of a waffle cone before drizzling it with chocolate sauce? (Is your mouth watering, yet?)


As you picture your favorite flavor atop that cone, consider thanking a cold delivery courier. It’s these temperature controlled transportation experts who moved your ice cream from Point A to Point B, keeping it perfectly frozen for your enjoyment.