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How Does a Hot Shot Pharmaceutical Delivery Get Scheduled?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Apr 15, 2019 @ 20:04 PM

Dallas Courier, Hot Shot Pharmaceutical Delivery

The hot shot pharmaceutical delivery service helps health care practitioners, pharmacies, and patients to solve their emergency and ongoing needs for pharmaceuticals. Patients who are homebound may run out of medication at odd times and need emergency assistance. They can call 972.680.8000 for a hot shot pharmaceutical delivery at any time, day or night.

All they need to do is first call in their prescription to a 24-hour pharmacy and get their doctor's authorization if required. Then, Dallas Courier goes by the pharmacy to pick up the medication to deliver it to a patient.

Some medications have a short shelf life and are perishable. These medications may need frequent and regular deliveries. An example of this type of pharmaceutical delivery need is a diabetic patient who needs to regularly take shots of insulin.

Another reason we get calls for a hot shot pharmaceutical delivery is when a hospital or clinic runs out of something unexpectedly and has an urgent need for it. An example of an item that may run out is anti-venom for snake bites. If an emergency room gets a run of patients with snake bites, they may not have enough anti-venom or the right kind of anti-venom on hand to treat the victims.

In Dallas Fort Worth, this problem may come up in the early months of summer when snakes are more active. Even though not very many people die from a snake bite, the faster they receive treatment with anti-venom the better are their chances for full recovery.

Most people are not aware that putting a tourniquet on the limb that blocks the blood flood is not a recommended medical procedure now. It is better to get to the emergency room as soon as possible. The emergency room staff will call for a hot shot STAT medical delivery if they need more anti-venom.

One-Time Medical Delivery versus Ongoing Hot Shot Pharmaceutical Delivery

Clients who only need a one-time medical delivery can call us at 972.680.8000 or use our convenient online form to request a quote for service. We offer super-fast 45-minute deliveries if the need is urgent. Otherwise, there is a choice of one- to four-hour delivery services. The delivery charge is based on the distance traveled and the time necessary to make the delivery.

Why Choose Dallas Courier for Hot Shot Pharmaceutical Delivery

Our delivery experience in the Dallas Fort Worth spans more than three decades. Our drivers are polite, well-groomed, and respectful of our clients' needs. If you need a delivery on a specific day of the week at a specific time, we can schedule this for you. We can call ahead to make sure the delivery time is convenient and let you know if we are experiencing any delays due to traffic congestion.

Our clients and their caregivers can also track a scheduled delivery online in real time. We use GPS location coordinates to know where our drivers are located at all times and to help route them around traffic jams caused by auto accidents.

Scheduling a Hot Shot Pharmaceutical Delivery

Many clients use us for a regular hot shot STAT pharmaceutical delivery. These clients become part of our medical delivery routes to get their medications as they need them on time. They avoid possibly a dangerous and uncomfortable situation of running out of critical medications that they need to take on a regular basis. There is no need to try to remember the need to go to a pharmacy to pick up medications when an automatic hot shot delivery program is in place.

To get immediate help for a hot shot medical delivery, call 972.680.8000 or use our online form to get a quote for a single medical delivery. If you need the medications quickly, request our super-rush 45-minute service.