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Don’t Leave Your Next Reefer Delivery to Chance

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Jun 11, 2019 @ 21:06 PM

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It’s true. There are times when taking your chances proves successful. Just ask anyone who has been a Toronto Raptors fan for the past two decades…(crickets chirping)…or folks who plan outdoor weddings in North Texas during the spring…(tornado sirens blaring)…or Benjamin Franklin who wanted to prove a point about electricity by flying a kite with a key attached in a lightning storm…(zap!)

But when it comes to your refrigerated deliveries in DFW, leaving it up to chance isn’t your best move. In fact, sticking with a trusted professional for your next reefer delivery could save your business’s reputation and bottom line. Here’s why taking chances isn’t in your best interest.


The Legal Aspects Are Overwhelming

Transportation in DFW can be confusing enough (ever try to tell an out-of-towner to go south in Addison on the North Dallas Tollway?), but the legal aspects of transporting cold items, especially food and healthcare deliveries, can be downright overwhelming.

Different counties in DFW have different legislation, not to mention, there are federal mandates that cover transporting these sensitive items, as well. If your courier isn’t up to snuff on their transportation regulations, or if you’re making your own cold deliveries, it could mean delays, fines, and even imprisonment! Are you feeling lucky? Not lucky enough to leave your freedom to chance, we assume.


Cargo Theft is a Real Threat

Refrigerated delivery vehicles often carry high dollar items inside. Consider steaks for a Michelin star restaurant or an entire truckload of sushi grade tuna. These are expensive food distribution items! Here in North Texas, temperature controlled items also include antiques, artwork, and electronics- also expensive cargo. It is suggested that cargo theft costs 10 times the good stolen. Now we’re talking some real financial distress!

If your delivery team isn’t vetting their drivers, your items could walk away as part of an inside job or negligence on behalf of the carrier. Instead, leave your refrigerated cargo in the hands of trained professionals who hire trusted drivers and carry A-rated insurance coverage. In the event of a worst-case scenario, you want to be sure your courier can make reparations quickly and fairly.


Small Mistakes Mean Big Damage

Because refrigerated cargo is often incredibly sensitive, it requires care and handling unlike most other items out for transport. Small errors can create big problems. For example, if the temperature control isn’t maintained properly, the items could become ineffective or dangerous for consumption. This is a big problem for you and your customers.

This is why it’s incredibly important to hire a refrigerated delivery courier with experience in all types of cold deliveries. Training and certification in the areas of HIPAA, OSHA, and food safety are also a “must” to ensure products arrive in proper condition. Don’t cut corners by hiring a cut rate courier. Go with the transportation team that has good standing and roots in the DFW Metroplex.


Don’t take your chances when it comes to your important temperature controlled deliveries. Do your research and find the best courier for the job, even if that courier comes with a higher price tag.

With Dallas Courier, you won’t find the lowest prices in North Texas, but we’re ok with that! We believe that you get what you pay for. We don’t want to leave your next delivery to chance, either, which is why we spend a little more maintaining our vehicles, finding and retaining great drivers, and keeping up with the latest in technology to serve you better.

Next time you have a dry or refrigerated delivery in DFW, don’t chance it with a cut rate or unknown courier. Go with the best. Go with Dallas Courier. Contact us any time of day or night at 972.680.8000.