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What Does Dallas Courier Represent?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Feb 17, 2020 @ 16:02 PM

Dallas Courier, T&L Provider in North Texas

What do you stand for? Like it or not, everyone stands for something. What you represent is the message you’re putting out to the world. Your values, your opinions, your beliefs- these are all pieces of the puzzle that is you or your business.


If you’re new to the Dallas Courier family, you might be wondering what we’re all about. What does this T&L provider in North Texas stand for? Good thing for you, we’re pretty forthright. If you want to know what Dallas Courier represents, just take a look:


We represent North Texans.

Dallas Courier has been a transportation and logistics staple for North Texans for 38 years. Many us have lived and worked here even longer than that. It would be accurate to say that we’re North Texans through and through.


That makes a difference. When you schedule a delivery here in the DFW Metroplex, you want a seasoned professional navigating the highways. If you give a specific instruction regarding location or time, only someone who is familiar with the local traffic, neighborhoods, and downtown districts will be able to get it right for you the first time, no questions asked.


Additionally, as a locally run business, we are a part of our North Texas economy. We provide services for other local businesses, and in our personal time, we spend money right here in the DFW area- putting our earned dollars back into the North Texas economy. You support us, and we support you, DFW.


We represent honesty and integrity.

It’s right in our mission statement. We do what’s right When Time Matters. That means, despite the hustle or the super rush mission, we don’t cut corners or skimp on service. Our company was built on the foundation of striving to be like Jesus Christ in every interaction. That means from start to finish, we are guided by these principles.


This is important for our customers because it builds trust. You know that when you’re working with Dallas Courier, you can count on fair and honest quotes, on time deliveries, and a friendly professional who makes a great first impression. We also carry a full suite of insurance, backed by A-rated providers. While this is often costly for us, we know it’s the right thing to do because it protects our customers and us in the unlikely event that your items are lost or damaged.


We represent you.

Our couriers can wear the Dallas Courier polo and be trained on Dallas Courier values, but when it comes down to it, we represent you, our clients. When your customers first receive your product, it’s coming from the hands of our couriers. That means we’re an extension of your business. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.


Our Dallas Courier team is first line customer service for your business, and we make a great first impression. Our couriers are easily identifiable, as they will be wearing a logo-clad polo short and khakis. They’ll also have paperwork and information regarding the specifics of the delivery, so customers can be assured that the courier is who they say they are. Not only do we deliver your time and temperature sensitive items, we deliver peace of mind and confidence, as well.


Everyone represents something. Here at Dallas Courier, we’re proud of all we represent, and we’d love to represent you. Contact us here on our webpage, or call us anytime at 214-351-5777. We’re open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ready to transport your next urgent or scheduled delivery on your behalf.