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Tips to Tackle those Texas Refrigerated Truck Deliveries

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, May 21, 2018 @ 18:05 PM

Dallas Courier, Texas Refrigerated Truck DeliveriesIt’s tough to keep your cool when you have immediate transportation needs for Texas refrigerated truck deliveries. But if you can educate yourself a little more about the process, you’ll have a better shot at making the right decisions for your important, temperature sensitive, or fragile items for transport.


One of the trickiest deliveries in the business is the temperature-controlled transport. It requires a knowledgeable delivery team and proper machinery, among other specific skillsets in order to make the delivery successful.


As a customer, you aren’t required to know the specifics of refrigerated services. That’s what the professionals are for! But you look like a smart guy or gal, and you wouldn’t want to enter into communications with a courier without at least knowing a few of the basics regarding your delivery.


Don’t let a transportation and logistics provider pull the wool over your eyes. Read these tips, gain some knowledge, and ensure your next refrigerated delivery is a success.


  • Know your items: Does your item need refrigerated delivery? Or is temperature control acceptable? Do you have multiple items, requiring different temperature specifications? Knowing the requirements of the items you’re transporting and being able to express those needs to your Texas refrigerated courier service are important first steps in ensuring the success of your delivery. Items that are often overlooked when it comes to temperature control are: artwork, cosmetics, and furniture. Have the facts about your transportation plan before you include a courier in the conversation.
  • Know your courier’s limitations: Choosing the right delivery team for your Dallas refrigerated delivery logistics isn’t an easy task. But before you make a decision, find out if your courier offers refrigerated vans as well as trucks. Will you be limited by their vehicle capabilities? Get the scoop on whether they have temperature controlled storage. What if your items can’t take their final mile just yet? Get real with your couriers, and find out exactly what limitations they have for your items.
  • Know your timeframe: Maybe you’ve got nothing but time, but, chances are, with a refrigerated delivery DFW is waiting on, you need your cool or frozen items to move quickly. Your chosen courier should have options available to you, including super rush deliveries, as well as economical same day deliveries.
  • Know your frequency of delivery: Is your item a "one and done" delivery? Or are you seeking to find a partner for your routine pick up and deliveries?  Either way, your courier should be able to meet your needs and treat your delivery with the utmost of importance.
  • Know your courier: Last, but certainly not least, you'll want to ensure you know who has your deliveries in their hands. If you're not familiar with your courier of choice, check their reviews, testimonials, or websites. And don't feel ashamed about contacting the courier and getting info straight from the horse's mouth. 

With uncertain temperatures, multiple construction zones, and a wide population to serve, the DFW Metroplex is a tough place to manage refrigerated delivery logistics.  And while you might find more than a handful of willing couriers, you don't want to find out the hard way that you've chosen incorrectly! 

As you go into communications with your courier, know your facts. Start with those listed here. 

For a sure-fire success, contact Dallas Courier.  We have over 35 years in the transportation and logistics business, and we know our stuff! Whether it's refrigerated deliveries, healthcare transportation, or large truckloads of product, Dallas Courier has the equipment, fleet, and team for the job.

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